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Tip#686: Cultivate Community, Part 6 – Ip Man

Three months ago in May I gave a motivational talk to business owners and entrepreneurs at the Metro Hall Employment Services Centre, here in Toronto. That was the month I was under immense stress (see tip#660) and felt compelled to share more of my struggles as well as successes with the audience. The admissions of my failures and adversities actually triggered a closer, emotional connection with audience members who personally thanked me afterwards for sharing.

They were going their own struggles and they told me it brought them great comfort to hear my story and to receive my movie tips for staying strong and positive. I was feeling a strong sense of community as these individuals would continue to stay in touch with me via email, LinkedIn and Facebook. What a joy it was knowing there was a greater purpose in the pains in life I have experienced.

Ip Man (2008)

The semi biographical martial arts film, Ip Man, is based on the life of Ip Man (Donnie Yen), a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and master of Bruce Lee. Not to be confused with the recent movie The Grandmaster (see tip#687). This film version focused more on the community of 1930’s Foshan and Ip’s struggles surviving the Japanese invasion in 1937. There are many exciting fights that include a Northern Chinese bully and later Japanese soldier matches with the Chinese. See: movie trailer

What really stood out for me in this film was the strong sense of community triggered by Ip’s values, courage and strength. He was a true leader and inspired people of his hometown despite years of poverty and doing his best to feed his wife and young son. I loved the scene where Ip Man agrees to teach Kung fu to workers of a cotton mill to protect themselves from a gang of robbers. Men, women and children young and old were all trained and they practiced with each other!

What movies inspire you about community? What films inspire you of people helping one another during difficult times? Please let me know!

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