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Tip#680: Movie Performances that Affect You, Part 2 – White House Down

I am always inspired when I witness someone showing amazing courage. When I went on the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower (see tip#673) there were two women in our group that were petrified of heights. At first they were frightened to walk onto the ledge but through the encouragement of our guide and the rest of the group the women each participated in the exercises of leaning over the edge.

By the middle of the 1/2 hour tour and at a height of 365 metres with no handrails these two women had transformed and were enjoying themselves and laughing! These acts of courage AND those in the movies always inspire me to be more courageous in all areas of my life!

White House Down (2013)

The action thriller, White House Down is about John Cale (Channing Tatum) a U.S. Capitol Police officer and his young daughter Emily (Joey King) on tour at the White House when heavily armed men invade and capture President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). Cale is separated from his daughter and helps protect the President. See: movie trailer 

What makes this film engaging, other than the entertaining action scenes, are performances of the characters. In particular I liked Cale’s daughter Emily because she demonstrates an unexpected strength when dealing with the terrorists. There is a scene where she is face to face with an armed terrorist and although it is a frightening moment she transforms her fear into a courageous moment and looks the terrorist in the eye and says, “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Her intensity and focus was so strong I could feel it deep inside me. That moment inspired me to always have that kind of courage AND strength of will!

What movie performances have inspired courage in you? What favourite movie heroes have inspired you to be fearless? Please let me know as your film recommendations may help inspire others!

Remember How Movies Can Help You:
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