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Tip#652: Passion & Perseverance, Part 3 - The Company You Keep

This month of May will be a big month of change as I’ve started to put the word out that I need help taking my motivational business to the next level. I’ve had a big dream for my Movies For Motivation book series to be combined with my motivational talks and know there are business experts (management, development, collaboration) that would be eager to assist. I just have to persevere to find them.

At the same time I am looking for a new home and prepping to do some motivational presentations. At first it was overwhelming but I am remembering to take time to meditate and clear my mind. I have visualized my goals and remembering that I have an amazing network of contacts to reach out to for help.

The Company You Keep (2012)

The political action thriller, The Company You Keep, is about a former anti-Vietnam War militant Jim Grant (Robert Redford) and an aggressive young reporter Ben Shepard (Shai LaBeouf) who each persevere relentlessly to achieve their goals. Shepard has a passion for uncovering and reporting the truth which exposes Grant. Grant then goes on the run while tenaciously reaching out to his old contacts to help him find a woman who can save him. It is his passion for his daughter that drives him.

This engaging film is filled with many other stars like Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Julie Christie, Terrence Howard, Nick Nolte and several more that you will recognize. They are either helping Grant or Shepard or trying to stop them. In the end their passion fuels them to do whatever it takes to attain their goals.

Let movie heroes inspire your own passion and perseverance. Let their tenacity and aggressive drive mirror your own abilities to go after your dreams and goals. And remember you are not alone, you already have the contacts to help you to your next step!

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Remember How Movies Can Help You: 
A) Entertain & Escape 
B) Re-energize & Release 
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments 

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