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Tip#656: Cultivate Community, Part 3 – Swapsity - Phenomenon

Over the years I’ve attended fun outdoor events hosted by here in Toronto where people traded in their old DVD’s, CD’s and books. I would trade in my old movies and it was so enjoyable finding new treasures! It was also fun watching others find DVD's they wanted! I met the warm-hearted Founder, Marta Nowinska, whose mission with is to build a community of people supporting each other by swapping items and services. She also wants to help people transform their relationship with money, the environment and the spirit of collaboration.

I met with Marta recently and opened up to her about the mental and emotional shock resulting from my financial challenges over the years (see Tip#400) and how swapping services helped me get the wellness therapy I needed but couldn’t afford. She was so inspired and encouraged me to share my stories on the blog. Marta said that my experiences could help others going through difficult times and see swapping as a powerful solution. See the first in a series of posts now online called: “How Swapping Can Help You in Difficult Times”

Phenomenon (1996)

The romantic fantasy drama, Phenomenon, is about a small town auto mechanic named George Malley (John Travolta) who suddenly experiences a strange light in the sky that activates the full power of his brain. George is able to speed read, learn foreign languages instantly and even move objects with his mind. One scene that always inspired me has to do with swapping. See: movie trailer

The scene involved one man who couldn’t pay for the repair of his car, so George quickly recommends that he help another person dig their well and they can then help George assemble solar panels he needs. Everyone wins in this three-way barter! Swapping services was a smart solution and I believe anyone can apply this to their own needs without letting the lack of money stop them. Plus it helps cultivate a stronger sense of community.

Do you have any interesting stories about swapping? Or do you remember other inspiring movies that feature trading or bartering? Please let me know! Your stories could help inspire others!

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