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Tip#650: The Power of Facebook – V for Vendetta

Have you experienced how fast an idea can spread on Facebook? It amazes me every single day I am logged on.  And the sharing of ideas, interests and comments has helped me both personally and professionally. I have discovered Facebook to be a really enjoyable social media tool and you can too if you expand your mindset to the hidden opportunities for your needs and interests.

Facebook can help you:
• Connect with successful people you admire
• Connect with like-minded people who support your personal interests
• Reconnect with friends, family and colleagues
• Build professional and business contacts
• Learn more about local and global news and events
• Get fast help and advice on a need or inquiry
• Share an idea or message and get instant comments and feedback

One ongoing benefit I have experienced is my friendship with Author, Speaker and Hollywood Film Writer and Director Paul Kyriazi. We have been corresponding regularly from my home in Toronto Canada to his home in Japan via Facebook messages and wall posts. Paul was key in getting me to publish my first book, "Movies for Motivation" on Amazon Kindle! And we have a shared passion for movies and James Bond.

Over the past few years, while healing from my bankruptcy and life changes (see tip#400), Paul kept me inspired with wisdom and tips from his eBook “How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle”. He has helped me find my inner Bond tapping into my unlimited confidence, tenacity and drive to rebuild my life and business. So through Facebook I have built a meaningful relationship with a great person on the other side of the world! And this relationship is one of many!

V for Vendetta (2005)

The action thriller, V for Vendetta, is about a charismatic freedom fighter known as V (Hugo Weaving) in a futuristic Great Britain now a fascist state. A working-class girl named Evey (Natalie Portman) gets caught up in V’s mission and witnesses the power of one man’s radical idea taking seed in the public’s minds and imagination. The film is visually stunning and stylish with a multitude of ideas to inspire perseverance, achieving goals, personal growth and the support of new ideas and change.

Though V uses violent tactics to get his message across to the masses there are lessons here that relate to the power of Facebook and other social media sites. V demonstrates that you will find supporters when you communicate your idea through a broadcasting method that reaches hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

Social media is about being social and having conversations. Take time to learn more success stories about Facebook to inspire you to recognize its value for your personal or professional needs. Facebook can be fun when you discover its power. Start playing with it today!

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