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Tip#649: The Power of Linkedin – Good Will Hunting

Have you discovered the networking power of Linkedin? I am continually amazed at how fast I can connect with professionals around the world through this highly effective social media business/work tool. And some of the connections I’ve made were mutually beneficial for business AND with a feeling of supportive friendships.

Success Story #1
My wellness consultant Robin Noble of Noble Destinations Inc. in Toronto Canada first connected with me on Linkedin because she just liked my profile. I have since written her business bio and provided her with social media content development. In turn Robin has been providing me with breakthrough advice on healing from my severe life-changes over the years. See: Robin’s Linkedin profile

Success Story #2
When I needed to have my book Movies for Motivation converted to various eBook formats I joined an eBook related group on Linkedin and posted my call for help. Victoriakumar (Vic) Yallamelli of RMG Corp. in India came to my rescue and guided into this new digital world! He provided a great service and made me feel like we were already close friends. See: Vic’s Linkedin profile

Success Story #3
Recently, I posted on my Linkedin “update” inquiring what people thought of my term “Sizzle Factor Assessment”. I quickly received a message from Mark Turner of Motivational Maps in the United Kingdom interested in learning more. I, in turn, discovered more about my emotions and feelings and why I behave or react the way I do through Mark’s amazing personal assessment tool called Motivational Maps! See: Mark’s Linkedin profile

Good Will Hunting (1997)

The drama Good Will Hunting is about a rebellious 20 year old from South Boston named Will Hunting (Matt Damon) who has a genius-level intellect. He later becomes a patient of therapist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). Together they develop a unique patient/therapist relationship where they each end up helping one another break through inner blocks and issues. See: movie trailer

This academy award winning film inspires on many levels as well as it’s real-life story of actors and screenwriters Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They have been long-term friends AND successful professionals working together in the film business for many years. It reminds me of similar success stories I’ve had through Linkedin and what you can experience as well when you learn to use it as a powerful connecting and networking tool.

The true power of Linkedin is the combination of finding professionals anywhere on this planet that can be both professionally and personally supportive. Take time to learn how to use Linkedin and communicate your needs via your “updates”, profile information and groups you can join. Have meaningful conversations with people around the world! Remember Linkedin is social media and it is about being SOCIAL!

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