Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tip#572: Manifesting Miracles - Ruby Sparks

Miraculous events and people are manifesting more and more into my life! (see tip#571) For example, One day I was feeling stuck about my finances and followed my gut to get some fresh air and do some errands. During that time out I had a very strong thought to contact my Productivity Consultant, Joseph Rodrigues (see tip#537). I was on the subway approaching my station close to my home when I thought again to contact Joseph right away. As the subway doors opened something told me to look to the left of me. Exiting the same subway train was Joseph!

I was stunned! I was speechless! And Joseph just approached me smiling. I actually heard a voice inside me say "You did this. You manifested this person!" Joseph then spent some quality time giving me helpful advice on my financial situation. All the while my whole sense of being felt altered. This synchronistic encounter felt like it was more proof of my abilities to manifest miracles.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

The romantic comedy movie Ruby Sparks is about a struggling novelist Calvin (Paul Dano) who writes about a fictional character Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan) that feels like his dream girl. One day Calvin walks into his kitchen and Ruby Sparks has come to life! Calvin is stunned that this has happened but soon goes on a journey of learning what it is to be in a loving, unconditional relationship with this dream girl. See: movie trailer

Seeing this movie was extremely surreal because it mirrored what I was doing in my life to manifest the soulful, supportive relationships I wanted (see tip#571). I have been creating a new vision board and writing affirmations of what I am seeking and they have been coming true! And while watching this movie I got shivers up my spine because I again heard that voice inside me say "You did this. You manifested this movie!"

Manifesting anything from our thoughts into the physical may sound like fantasy or science fiction and yet why not be open to the possibility? Be open to the idea that you have the power to write the life story you most desire! Fill your story with the soulful, supportive relationships you really want. Tap into your inner, playful child and allow your imagination to flow today!

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Tip#572: Manifesting Miracles - Ruby Sparks

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Sometimes it's worth surrendering to cinematic enchantments, and Ruby Sparks makes a pretty good case for its own magic.