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Tip#554: Believe in Synchronicity, Pt.2 – Jeff, Who Lives at Home – Touch TV Series

"Everyone and everything is interconnected in this universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow the signs, and you will uncover your destiny."
Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

As mentioned in previous blog post tip#553 I started doing Friday night movie screenings and discussions at the Alternative Thinking Bookstore here in Toronto. I call them "Synchronicity Movie Nights". Synchronicity is one of the ongoing themes and it's an opportunity for attendees to share meaningful coincidences, encounters or events that have happened to them.

One attendee recommended the film Jeff, Who Lives at Home as a great movie about synchronicity. And it was very timely when I felt compelled to watch it. Three days ago it was Father's Day and I was celebrating my Dad's memory by dunking my buttered toast into coffee like he used to. I had a great day and that evening I watched the film and there were touching messages of remembering one’s Father. So this movie about synchronicity added a heartfelt synchronicity to my life thanks to a thoughtful woman at an event discussing synchronicity!

Jeff, Who Lives at Home 2011

The comedy film Jeff, Who Lives at Home is about Jeff (Jason Segel) a 30 year-old still living at home who is inspired by the film Signs to follow synchronicities that lead to his destiny. The name "Kevin" comes into his life and Jeff believes seemingly random occurrences, such as a series of coincidences, are signs pointing to something important. Jeff stands firm on his beliefs despite nonbelievers like his brother Pat (Ed Helms) and he follows the amazing synchronicities that unfold.

Touch (2012)

There is an incredible TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland called Touch that explores synchronicity on a global and personal level. Sutherland plays Martin Bohm who has a mute, emotionally challenged son named Jake (David Mazooz) that only communicates through numbers. Each episode shows a chain reaction of random occurrences that effect specific people around the world AND ties into a puzzle Martin must solve for his son. And through his thoughts, Jake offers soulful, inspiring words of wisdom in every episode. See trailer: Touch

I believe synchronicities are the result of the universe providing us with signs or GIFTS to answers we ask or pray for. I experience synchronicities every day and I find them exciting, exhilarating and magical! Be open to your own amazing chance encounters and events that come out of the blue and yet are extremely meaningful to you! Believe in synchronicity and your life will feel like a magical journey!

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