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Tip#551: Activate Your Imagination Through Movies, Part 1 - Prometheus

I LOVE SCI FI MOVIES! When I see science fiction movies I can be filled with awe from the creativity of the story or the stunning visuals of massive spaceships and exotic alien species. I recently saw Ridley Scott's Prometheus and it embodied these aspects and much more. These factors activated my imagination and filled me with positive emotional energy for many days after!

1) Entertainment & Escape:
I was taken to another world for 2 hours! I felt I was really in the future and absolutely loved the look of the ship Prometheus and the futuristic, cool tech the crew was using. And the special effects throughout the film was breath-taking.

2) Following a Dream & Passion:
The main character Shaw is inspiring in being passionate about her dream. Her optimism and enthusiasm helps her follow it for years, into deep space and into some scary places.

3) Strong Female Characters:
Shaw faces multiple challenges throughout the film and yet demonstrates incredible strength and resilience to do whatever she needs to do to accomplish a goal.

4) Theories of Human Origins:
There are thought-provoking questions. Shaw questions the meaning of life and our origins. The film's story is partially inspired by Chariots of the Gods author Erich von Daniken's writings suggesting life on Earth was created by aliens.

5) Learning from the Movies:
The ship's android David (Michael Fassbender is amazing!) learns to be a better person through movies. You see David watch the film Laurence of Arabia and then emulate the movie hero's appearance and speech patterns. Of course I loved seeing this scene!

Prometheus (2012)

The science fiction film Prometheus is a story that takes place in the same universe as the classic Alien film of 1979 from the same visionary director Ridley Scott. In 2089, two archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover signs on Earth they believe lead to extraterrestrials who created the human species. Using an ancient star map they travel on board the scientific vessel Prometheus to a planet hoping to find these "Engineers".

All I can say now is if you are expecting the film Alien is to let go of that idea or this being a prequel. There are many connections between the two movies but Prometheus is meant to be an action adventure story all its own. Just let this film take you to another world and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

Films are a powerful medium. Allow movies to inspire awe and ignite excitement into your life. Let them fill you with positive emotional energy and thought-provoking ideas. Movies are much more than entertainment and escape, they can activate your imagination!

"Big things have small beginnings."
Prometheus (2012)

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