Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tip#469: See How Passion Becomes Magnetic, Part 2 - Big (Extended Edition)

It's been really fun connecting with people via Facebook who were in the G20 Reunion photo shoot with me that appeared on the cover of The Toronto Star. Despite us being corralled by riot police a year ago it was fun meeting these people in person. We were bonded by a common experience. See photos: Click here

And for 2 weeks, I've been receiving numerous movie recommendations that show GREAT LEADERSHIP via my Facebook and LinkedIn groups (see tip#466). Everyday someone new across North America and across the world sends me a movie choice since I posted my request. I feel a surge of excitement for this social media exercise because it just stems from my passion for movies. Sharing my love for films is connecting me with like-minded people around this planet!

Big (Extended Edition) 1988

The movie Big has been released with over 20 minutes of extra footage. If you are a fan I highly recommend seeing! The film is about a 13 year old boy named Josh (David Moscow) who makes a wish that he was big and then ages to 30 overnight (Tom Hanks). While waiting for the solution to turn him back to normal Josh takes a data entry job at a toy company. His position there changes when Josh discovers the FAO Schwarz toy store.

Despite looking like an adult, Josh is still 13 years old and follows his passion and plays exuberantly in the toy store. The owner of the toy company he works at, Mr. MacMillan (Robert Loggia), finds him there and is immediately interested in what he thinks of all the toys. They come across a giant electronic keyboard on the floor and Mr. MacMillan is taken by Josh's childlike enthusiasm when he starts to play "Heart and Soul". They play the tune together and then "Chopsticks" in this now famous scene. See on Youtube: Click here

All Josh was doing was being his authentic self and expressing his passion for play. Mr. MacMillan immediately promotes Josh to Vice President in charge of Product Development. It's a dream job come true! He gets to test toys all day long and get paid for it. Let this inspire you that passion has a powerful way to connect you with like-minded people AND achieve your career goals. Expressing your passion is like a magnet that attracts others to your positivity, enthusiasm and natural skill sets!

What passions did you have as a child that you still do today?

Are you still doing what you love as a child today? Is your current job incorporating something love to do? Are you still indulging in a hobby, sport or pastime you loved growing up? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below OR click on the blog title above and scroll to bottom.

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1 comment:

Candice Frederick said...

good look with the book!

Big is one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies. who as achild didn't want to grow up fast. then, just like in the movie, we regret we didn't relish our childhood more.