Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tip#449: Mindless Movie Fun Part 1 – Knight and Day – Ninja Assassin

I love doing movie nights at a friend's home. Sometimes we'd watch a movie that was deeply inspiring and motivating while other times we'd enjoy some mindless movie fun. Sometimes we just wanted to escape from reality into a silly celluloid story.

Recently, one of my friends and I wanted to clear our heads of a stressful week and together we chose 2 ideal films to see. So after a delicious home cooked meal we each crashed on our favourite couches (he has 2!) and with drinks in hand switched on the big flat screen TV and cranked up the epic sound system!

Knight and Day 2010

The movie Knight and Day is a romantic action comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz with exotic locations from around the world. All you REALLY need to know is Tom Cruise is doing a funny parody of himself from his other action movies! Fun, silly and even the action sequences are cartoon-like. Plus both stars look really good even though you may be wondering what kind of plastic surgery or botox they've each had in their close-ups!

Ninja Assassin 2009

The movie Ninja Assassin is a martial arts film produced by the Wachowski brothers who brought us The Matrix movies. It stars a South Korean pop star named Rain. All you REALLY need to know is this film is a juicy gore fest of blood and limbs being sliced off in visually stunning ways. Very, very comic bookish and yet it also has a pretty good story underneath. You'll find it in between the times you are gasping and laughing at how over the top the violence is!

Did these mindless movies have value? Absolutely! My friend and I had lots of fun, laughed out loud and all our stress vanished for the rest of the evening. I highly prescribe a mindless movie once in awhile.

What movie helped you escape from life for awhile?

What films have helped you escape your daily grind? Do comedies, action-adventure or romantic films do the trick? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below OR click on the blog title above and scroll to bottom.

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Candice Frederick said...

lol! i did hear Ninja Assassin was gory, but fun :). Knight and Day was certainly mindless. but sometimes you just need to veg out with these kinds of movies. I get it.

Mr YouMeanALot said...

For pure escapism the Spiderman Movies, especially 1 and 2 took me back to my childhood, when reading comics was a passion. Now that all my superheroes are coming to life (Thor, Captain America and more to come),combined with today's amazing technology,escaping from the stresses of current everyday life is fortunately going to be a common occurrence.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel, Great blog post today! It made me smile remembering my own favourite mindless movies. There are so many good ones! Almost anything by Mel Brooks is a hoot, but my fave is "Young Frankenstein". Another favourite is a romcom called "Earth Girls are Easy" with Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and a very young Jim Carrey. I might just have to watch one of them this weekend.:-)

Have a great day!