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Tip#444: The Emotional Power of an Animated Movie - Toy Story 3

The purpose of this blog has been to provide empowering movie tips AND to be what blogs stand for which is a web log or a personal online diary. So I've been documenting the ups and downs of my life and career including the emotional roller coaster ride of the past year (see tip#400). These days I've been feeling incredibly free and extremely grateful for all the help and support I received.

I recently did a movie night with a friend going through his own intense life challenges and he surprised me by choosing Toy Story 3 as the film to see. We ended up being deeply moved at the key lessons the movie mirrored for what I had gone through AND the adversities my friend was now facing:

• Letting go: old life and belongings
• Loyalty: friends and family that help with challenges
• Abandonment: people who were not there to help
• Bullies: people who imposed their will

Toy Story 3 2010

The animated movie Toy Story 3 is part 3 of the series where the toy characters are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre instead of the attic right before their owner Andy (John Morris) leaves for college. It's up to Woody (Tom Hanks) to help the other toys escape the day-care centre and stand up to the evil toys forcing them to stay.

What unfolds are how the toy characters learn: to let go of the life they knew; to renew their sense of loyalty to one another; to deal with feeling abandoned; to deal with bullies. Andy himself learns how to let go of the toys he loved so much as a child.

The ending packed so much of an emotional wallop that I could finally understand why it was nominated for both Best Animated Feature AND Best Picture having won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. I was stunned at how emotional I got seeing Andy learn to let go of his past and his belongings. Watching this film was like a healing and an exciting confirmation that I was on the right path.

What is a favourite animated film of yours?

Have you been moved by the power of an animated movie? Is there an animated character that touched your heart? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below OR click on the blog title above and scroll to bottom.

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Candice Frederick said...

wow, what a great review. i still haven't seen this movie. i wasn't in a rush to see it. bu i have heard that the emotional impact takes you by surprise. my favorite animated movie is still the little mermaid. it was just so good.

Anonymous said...

heh, nice review. i thought this was just gonna be another stupid weak-joke-filled kids movie, but i might consider renting it now.

i still cant believe totoro makes a cameo in this movie...

Anonymous said...

oh! i forgot to say what my favorite animated movie was. its probably castle in the sky (laputa) by hayao miyazaki. when i was a kid it aired on toonami and i stayed up until 11:30 pm to watch the whole thing. back then that was insane because my bedtime was 8:00.

but i'll admit i haven't seen it in a while so it might lose its effect on me when i go see it next week.

well, whatever. keep on doing what your doing man its great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

Great review - I'll have to rent that one now. The animated film I wanted to recommend is "The Snowman". Maybe you've already seen it. It too speaks to the issue of letting go - a very sweet and touching film, without dialogue.

I've kept a list of all the films I want to watch at some point, based on your movie tips. At the moment I'm taking it very easy as I heal a fracture in my left foot, so have been watching movies.

Last night it was The Illusionist. Thank you so much for talking about it, as I was completely drawn in to the story, the illusions and the intrigue (and the acting was phenomenal). I don't know if you watched any of the extras, but the commentary by the director is fascinating - so much detail about the history of the locations in Prague and surrounding area where it was filmed and interesting facts about the customs and etiquette of the time.

Keep doing what you're doing!


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hello Candice, Kupatchisalad and Kirsten. Thank you for your comments and film recommendations: The Little Mermaid, Castle In The Sky and The Snowman. Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I think that this particular movie is perceived just a kid's movie that people don't bother with it , but because of your blog they get to realize that it is more than a young person's movie. it was a good blog.