Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tip#446: Ever Ride A Wave of Tears? - Soul Surfer

Without any clear reasons, I was extremely unfocused and sluggish this week. And with many new movie releases I could have seen I was very compelled to see Soul Surfer. So I trusted my gut and saw an early Saturday matinee at the AMC Yonge & Dundas Theatres. Something unusual and unexpected then happened.

Throughout the movie I found myself weeping. There was something indefinable about several scenes that triggered me deep inside. Tearful emotions just kept coming to the surface. All I know was the film's beautiful scenery of Hawaii took me away, I was very inspired AND I had a good cry. By the end of the movie I felt so much lighter and walked out into the gorgeous sunshine of the early afternoon.

Soul Surfer 2011

The movie Soul Surfer is based on the true story of a teenage surfer girl finding the courage to go back into the ocean and surf after losing an arm in a shark attack. Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) showed much determination and faith as she copes with having one arm. Her passion for surfing and her family and friends helped Bethany stay positive and energized during a challenging journey.

The movie is filled with many inspirational quotes and Bethany's story helped transform my sluggish mindset. By trusting my intuition I was led to the perfect movie to help lift me up. In the end this film allowed me a deep, soulful and satisfying release from the heaviness I was experiencing.

What movie has moved you to tears?

Is there a movie that moved you to tears? Do you have a favourite movie you know will always give you a good cry? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below OR click on the blog title above and scroll to bottom.

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1 comment:

Kevin McIntosh said...

The First 10 min of "UP" are very moving. Without a single word being uttered, and with only the power of music and images, you watch the couple Ellie & Carl grow old together, all the while witness to their deep love for each other. Thru this sequece u see how they are soul mates and when she dies, your eyes water and the lump in your throat becomes unbearably uncomfortable. I've rarely seen sequences so moving with such simplicity.