Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tip#425: Find Your Dream Team Pt.2 - The Way Back

My journey since early 2010 has been about facing intense financial challenges and finding the strength to persevere (see tip#400). Along the way I re-affirmed that I had created a dream team of supportive friends, family and colleagues. I was not alone. And in my current search for a new home before the end of this month I am still supported by empowering people (see tip#424).

Despite the short amount of time for finding a new home I've maintained my indestructible optimism. During the past week I've been showered with gifts from good people that increased my positivity. Judi and Nick Hughes of Your Planning Partners invited me to two events I've attended before and I always meet amazing, insightful entrepreneurs.

Daniel Chiang of Inspired Life Health Centre invited me to the introductory day workshop of The Abundance Project that gathered a rich, diverse group of Holistic Health Practitioners. These three events were days of each other and they stimulated my positive attitude. There was such a strong sense of community. These events provided golden opportunities to meet like-minded people and offer mutual assistance for each of our journeys.

The Way Back 2010

Inspired by true events the movie The Way Back is about a group of prisoners escaping from a Siberian Gulag camp during World War II. It traces their grueling 4,000 miles walk to freedom in India. Along the way you see how each person contributes to the well being of one another.

Amidst the stunning vistas the group travels you get to see great leadership and great team spirit. You see how resourceful they become dealing with blinding snowstorms, finding food and surviving arid deserts. In the end you see how they re-energize and maintain their humanity, compassion and support for one another.

Seek out supportive individuals who will support you on whatever journey you take. Be open to events you get invited to where you may discover like-minded individuals who you may want as part of your dream team.

Whether it's for business, career or in your life, do your best to cultivate supportive relationships. It's what makes the journey worth traveling!

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Jaccstev said...

Can't wait to watch The Way Back. Surviving story is always interesting to me.