Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tip#416: Unusual Christmas Equals Memorable – Die Hard

I've just had the most unusual Christmas Day! It started off driving with family from Las Vegas at 2am in the morning for a 6 hour drive to Santa Barbara. We traveled through the thickest, pea soup fog I've ever seen. It was surreal and scary!

There were practically no cars on the highways on Christmas morning and when they appeared they're headlights looked like UFOs flying through the fog. As we got closer to Santa Barbara clear skies and a beautiful sunrise shown through. It didn't last long and it ended up raining the entire Christmas Day.

So this year I had no Christmas tree and no stockings hung by the chimney with care. And yet I was with loving relatives and just celebrated being together on this unusual Christmas. It reminded me of a movie that some consider an unusual but favourite Christmas film.

Die Hard 1988

The action thriller Die Hard takes place on Christmas Eve with Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) dealing with terrorists in the office tower his wife is trapped in. This movie launched Willis as a big action star and was the film debut for Alan Rickman who'd later be part of the hugely popular Harry Potter movie series.

I remember how much I loved this movie when it first came out. I felt it redefined the action thriller genre. I remember how unusual it was that McClane was in his bare feet throughout most of the film fighting and running around in the office tower. And I loved when the classic song "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" by Vaughn Monroe played at the end of the movie.

Enjoy the Experience

So for me Christmas this year was very unusual but memorable. Even relatives in Santa Barbara said this amount of rain was not normal. In the end we went out to a fantastic Japanese restaurant for dinner and had a big feast! It was like Ralphie's family in A Christmas Story where they eat at a Chinese Restaurant on Christmas Day!

Whatever your location or situation is this holiday do your best to be in the moment and enjoy the experience. Hopefully in hindsight it will be a memorable time. And if you are going through a fog or rainy days remember that it will eventually end. Clear skies and sunshine will always return!

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