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Tip#410: Maintain Steadfast Friendships - Grown Ups

Steadfast: Fixed or unchanging; steady. Firmly loyal or constant

Adam Sandler's movie Grown Ups is another one of his comedies that was savagely trashed by critics. It's one of the few times I let negative reviews sway me from seeing a film I wanted to see in the theatre. When I finally saw it I was thoroughly surprised to enjoy another Sandler comedy with inspiring messages.

As I wrote in tip#383 we all see life and movies through our own personal lenses so this film meant a little more to me. I just went through an intense life change in which my friendships were tested with some standing by me as I lost my home and belongings (see tip#400). What empowered me further is I have taken some of these friendships to a higher level.

Once a week I have a phone meeting with a friend and health advisor and we coach each other on challenges we've had that week. And three other friends are scheduled every two weeks to do the same in person. Not only do we maintain a steadfast friendship we are helping each other overcome obstacles in our lives and careers.

Grown Ups 2010

The comedy Grown Ups features a group of real-life friends of Adam Sandler that include Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin James. They all play childhood friends who were on a basketball team as kids and have come together again as grown ups.

Aside from all the friendly insults they hurl at each other they have maintained their love and support for one another. During one scene Eric (Kevin James) reveals that he has actually having work and financial challenges. Without Eric asking for help his friends immediately came up with a solution to help him build a new, profitable business.

Take time to reflect on your current friendships and recognize if you have steadfast relationships. Make sure there is love and a willingness to help one another during challenging times. Maintain an authentic bond between you and your friends and you can have a support system that can last a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

Emmanuel,You truly have a unique talent and deserve a wider audience. To take a poorly reviewed movie and turn a positive spin on it, genius. I saw Grown ups and really enjoyed it as well.

Alan Penn

Head Health Nut said...

Emmanuel, I know what you mean! I have some pretty incredible friends, too, one of whom I meet with on a weekly basis to celebrate triumphs and discuss solutions to challenges. I really appreciate having him in my life and for our meetings.

Thank you for this post. I gotta see this movie now. :)

John Papers said...

Thanks this post..
keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks John. I appreciated your support!