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Tip#412: Synchronicity Stories – The "Write" Direction - Elf

Synchronicity: A meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved.

Since The New York Times did a feature of me and mentioned this blog last month (see tip#404) I have been experiencing a rapid succession of film related synchronicities reminding me to get my first book published. First was Julie & Julia movie that initially inspired me that a blog can be turned into a best-selling novel like Julie Powell's food blog (see tip#404).

Then there was the powerful movie Hereafter (see tip#396) where one of the lead characters follows her passion to write a book about her near death experience. She quickly gets it published by the end of the movie. And recently I got another synchronistic message just from watching a Christmas movie to keeping moving in the "write" direction.

Elf 2003

The movie Elf is about a human being named Buddy (Will Ferrell) who was raised as an elf at the North Pole. One day he takes a journey to New York City to find his real father Walter (James Caan). Walter works as a children's book publisher and is a bit of a Scrooge to everyone around him.

Despite Buddy's eternally childlike enthusiasm and overwhelming playfulness he always maintained his true self. Eventually his father opens his heart to Buddy at the expense of being fired from his job. What is inspiring is that Walter opens up his own publishing company and prints a successful book written by Buddy about his adventures in New York.

Take Action

Once again the synchronicity of seeing this movie when I did was a strong reminder to finish my first book based on this movie blog. I've trained my mindset to recognize these messages from the universe and take immediate action with what I need to do. So for weeks now I've been writing and writing!

Getting a book published has been a big dream of mine since I saw Chris Gardner live in Toronto talk about his book and movie The Pursuit of Happyness 3 years ago. See Tip#40

Sometimes when you have a dream or goal they may be put on hold for one reason or another. So when you receive synchronistic messages remember to trust your gut and take action. Believe in the magic of being guided by the universe towards achieving whatever you desire. Even if it's a small step each day those steps will eventually reach your destination!

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