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Tip#408: How Movies Help You Visualize Success, Part 1 – Pecha Kucha Night – Temple Grandin

I had the pleasure of doing my second Pecha Kucha Night presentation in Toronto recently. This is a unique format where the presenter uses only 20 images at 20 seconds each to tell a story. See more about my previous presentation: tip#395

My presentation showed my 3 recent newspaper features: The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star (see tip#405) and how they contacted me. And I shared how the movie Julie and Julia helped me visualize getting my movie blog featured in The New York Times (see tip#404). I also shared these 3 success factors related to movies:

1) Sharing your passion plants seeds to connect with others
2) Social media like and are powerful online tools
3) Visualizing is a key tool for attracting what you want

See video of my presentation: Click here

Temple Grandin 2010

The TV movie Temple Grandin is an inspiring example of how an individual utilizes her unique way of visualizing to achieve her dreams despite her autism. Temple (Claire Danes) has the ability to retain and access all the imagery she sees as well as visualize solutions on a multidimensional level.

Computer graphics are used to simulate how Temple thinks. It is like a rapid cycle of images that flashes in her mind. Or you see how her mind generates virtual blueprints for something that needs fixing or building like a ranch fence door. See examples in the movie trailer: Click here

This movie is personally exciting because it's the closest film to show how I see the world. Temple's visual process is similar to how I created my artwork, music and even my keynote and seminar presentations. The very basics of this visualizing method is a skill set I believe others can learn to access. This is why I focus on movies as a powerful audio-visual stimulus for the mind and heart.

If you are unhappy in your life or career then do your best to focus on what you want. Feed your spirit with positive images. Discover movies that can help you visualize what you desire. And when you find movie heroes who attain something you identify with get excited. You may be witnessing your future success!

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Candice Frederick said...

thanks for reminding me about his movie. love undergo stories, ans this one seems like an inspirational story

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Yes Candice, Temple Grandin is so inspirational I wished it was released theatrically. It is only movie in my top 50 that is a TV movie.

Highly recommend!


John Papers said...

Great Post!