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Tip#404: Visualize and Magnetize – The New York Times – Julie and Julia

On the day of this post, November 14, 2010, The New York Times had featured me for the first time! In the 4 years of writing this movie blog this is the biggest news I've shared. I am very excited because I had a vision this would happen. And I hope this reminds everyone that dreams can eventually come true when you first visualize what you want in your life.

Read The New York Times article: "Who Will Be Oprah’s Last Star?"

It is also proof that, despite the many hardships and life crisis I've endured this year (see tip#400), following and sharing my passion for movies has been my fuel to persevere and maintain my indestructible optimism. Being featured in The New York Times is proof that if you dream big you can achieve big.

The New York Times

The New York Times has a daily circulation of over 950,000 and over 1,375,000 for the Sunday edition. That means over a million people may be reading about me because I'm in the Sunday paper. Synchronistically last weekend I was featured in Canada's largest-circulation national newspaper The Globe and Mail with a circulation of over 400,000 (see article). It’s as if I've reached an exciting tipping point from the time I've invested in using creative visualizing techniques inspired from movies I loved.

Movies have been a profound resource for me in visualizing the future I want during difficult times. Movies also kept my positive emotional energy active and flowing when I felt exhausted and even hopeless. And the film Julie & Julia is the one that fueled my excitement of being contacted by The New York Times. Seeing blogger Julie Powell receive a call from this newspaper is what excited me because it led to a whole new world of attention for her food blog. It gave me something to visualize for myself.

Julie & Julia (2009)

The biographical movie, Julie & Julia, is based on two true stories of French Chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and food blogger Julie Powell (Amy Adams). Julie endured her own hardships while blogging about her passion for food. And she persevered to complete her mission to document online her daily experiences of cooking the recipes from Julia's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

What you see is Julie learning to enjoy the journey of focusing on her passion for food. You also see the relationships that supported her on her quest. And ultimately you see that after The New York Times publishes a story on Julie's blog, she attracted the immediate attention of journalists, literary agents and book publishers. And with this film she becomes a cinematic success story for all women and men to follow a dream or passion!

“One day, your book will change the world.”

Julia Child's story is also inspirational. While questioning what to do with her life she chooses to follow her passion for eating and persevered with cooking classes in a culinary world dominated by men. She then co-wrote a cook book that would be loved and appreciated all around the world. Her legacy would live on after her passing as a cinematic role model in this movie. Meryl Streep would later be nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards and win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Inspiring Themes:
• Courage
• Having a Vision
• Creative Visualization
• Following a Passion
• Leadership
• Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
• Persistence & Perseverance
• Resilience
• Career Transitions
• Supportive Relationships
• Indestructible Optimism

Positive Emotional Energy

Witnessing these inspiring cinematic moments in Julie & Julia is what helped me visualize what I wanted for my own blog. It helped me fill my heart and mind with the excitement of successes I desired especially when I knew the movie was based on true stories. And I believe that somehow this positive emotional energy within me radiated out into the world and made my dream come true with The New York Times. I believe in the law of attraction and it was in full play here!

Let true-life stories inspire you to keep following your passion. Let favourite movie heroes be your cinematic role models and help you visualize the future you want. Olympic gold medalists like Michael Phelps already use the power of creative visualization. It may also take time and many hurdles to reach your goals so remember to surround yourself with people who believe in you. Your heroes have already taken similar journeys and they can help you stay motivated. Let them remind you to keep moving forward with indestructible optimism!

"Positive emotional energy is the key to health, happiness and wellbeing. The more positive you are, the better your life will be in every area."
Brian Tracy, Author, Personal & Professional Development Trainer & Speaker

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Candice Frederick said...

congrats on your NYT coverage! that's great! i wasn' a huge fan of this movie but this story does show that soemtimes, when you least expect it, you can do anything

Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

Congrats on your success Motivatorman. Because of you, I just watched Vanilla Sky night before last for the second time. It really helped to Galvanize me for the speech I delivered yesterday at Agape Toastmasters: "I'll Tell My Story My Way." You might like it...I really let my super hero self shine on this one:

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, congratulations. I will stand in agreement with you that you will be on Oprah in 2010-2011. Keep up the good work!!!!

Robin T.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow !!
CONGRATS ! to the Motivatorman !!
Yes go all the way, reach the moon.
I can see you fastened the seat belt already.


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you Candice, Sheri, Robin and Harvey! I really feel a quantum shift in reality because of The New York Times article. I celebrated all day yesterday with good friends and good food!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That's fabulous!!! It's only a matter of time now before you get the call from Oprah's producer inviting you to the show. That was more than a mention in the NY Times...that was a plug!!

Kevin McIntosh