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Tip#402: Recognize The Power of The Media – The Globe and Mail – Citizen Kane

The Globe and Mail is Canada's largest-circulation national newspaper with a circulation of over 400,000 on Saturdays. That means 100's of thousand people may have seen the recent cover story in the Globe T.O. section of my G20 experience at Queen and Spadina, June 27, 2010, Toronto.

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What excited me the most is that this article can now help people understand how over 300 innocent bystanders (like myself) were caught in an unfair use of a riot police technique called kettling. Hundreds of non-protesters were detained in freezing rain for hours. The article states that Toronto Chief of Police, Bill Blair conceded that mistakes had been made, especially at Queen and Spadina.

Being interviewed and photographed for this national article is also a social media success story. I was contacted by a Globe journalist because of the video I shot while being kettled by riot police and posted on YouTube. It's a great example that people will see or read whatever you post online even if you think you are not reaching anyone. See video: click here

Newspapers and social media have incredible power in reaching 100's of thousands of people. It's amazing to think about how any message can quickly go out into the masses and communicate an important idea or story.

Citizen Kane 1941

The film classic Citizen Kane was about the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) who takes over a newspaper business at the age of 25 and uses the power of the media with sensationalized journalism. You get to witness the power of the written word and it's affect on the masses.

The character of Kane was based on American newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst who was not happy with his harsh portrayal in the movie. Ironically Hearst used the power of his own newspapers to create a negative campaign against Welles's film. Read more about this battle: click here

Your Idea, Message or Story

If you have an idea, message or story, remember the power of the media as a vehicle to reach the masses. Recognize how quickly you can reach a great number of people through newspapers and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs and Youtube.

Your message will be heard if you take steps to getting it out there. Start by writing down your thoughts. With a click of a button you could be reaching the entire world.

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