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Tip#338: Take the Leadership Role – Remember the Titans

The personal emergency I've been blogging about (see tip#336 and #337) has been pushing me towards making pivotal changes in my career, my business AND my home. And despite what seems like overwhelming odds I continue to stay focused on taking a leadership role in my own life.

In revealing the details of my situation to a small handful of close friends, family and colleagues I am empowered by the feeling of having a supportive team. Most have been there during the past several years and that sense of team spirit can increase anyone’s confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Three days ago on Thursday, March 11th I was asked to make a crucial decision about my current home. It left my state of mind slightly shattered and in shock. The next day, and through a colleague in the US, I discovered a movie that lifted me up and reminded me of the importance of leadership and team spirit.

Remember the Titans 2000

The movie Remember the Titans is based on a true story of a newly appointed African-American coach named Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) and his task to integrate black and white students on a high school football team. It seems like an overwhelming task as this occurred in the early 1970’s when schools have just been integrated to allow blacks into the schools in Alexandria, Virginia.

It is Boone's confident assertiveness and persistence that will inspire you. His leadership style is aggressive and yet manages to get the warring students to bond and work as a team during football camp. Boone treated each and every player equally regardless of the colour of their skin. It was his vision to win that guided them to victory both as a team and as life-long friends.

So be inspired by movie leaders or real-life leaders. Let them motivate you to always take a leadership role in your own life, workplace or career. Unexpected change or crisis is your opportunity to unleash your innate leadership abilities even if it's just to take control of your own emotions and attitude in dark situations.

And remember that overcoming any adversity is a team effort. Make sure you know who your support team is. They are already around you.

See the video clip that inspired me to see Remember the Titans movie by Russ Faulkner at Your Training Team: See Video

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