Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tip#336: Everything Will Be Okay - Stranger Than Fiction

I just spent the entire night brainstorming with a job coach about a personal emergency that hit me a few days ago. And though things appear dire I was constantly and confidently told that everything will be okay.

A small handful of friends know about my situation and have kept me energized just by reminding me of my gifts and strengths. And in the face of one of the biggest adversities in my life I was still able to give two recent motivational presentations brimming with confidence and optimism. I just kept telling myself that "everything will be okay".

Stranger Than Fiction 2006

In the movie Stranger Than Fiction, an IRS auditor named Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) hears a woman's voice in his head narrating his life. Crick is shocked when she says he is going to die. The rest of the story is how he learns to deal with this news.

Through the help of a few individuals who care, Crick finds an inner peace for whatever fate has in store for him. He ends up facing the predestined event head on and ends up surviving. He finds the courage to accept his situation and learned the ultimate lesson of embracing the unknown AND living fully in the moment.


Thankfully, my situation is not life threatening. And thankfully I have fantastic friends and colleagues supporting me. So I pray that I can share the results of what I am going through in upcoming blog posts.

Tonight will be the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony and I will celebrate why I love movies. And it's because all my favourite movie heroes rise above the challenges thrust upon them.

We are all faced with overwhelming adversities sometime in our life and career. How we deal with challenges is why they arrive in the first place. Just remember that no matter what happens and how things look - everything will be okay.

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Head Health Nut said...

This is an inspiring movie you've chosen to highlight today's lesson, Emmanuel!

The story of Harold Crick shows how well it turns out in the end when you maintain your integrity and roll with the punches life is serving you.

Thank you for sharing your challenges and insights with us, Emmanuel.

Steph @ Live