Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tip#185: Take Control - Part 2 – The Truman Show

Identify the walls of limitation that are holding you back in life. It's a big step towards taking control of your life.

This is part 2 of a group of movies I was recently compelled to watch that provided answers to my feeling stuck in life. Part 1 covered how powerful the subconscious can be in holding you back (see tip#184).

Identifying your limitations can also be a big step in making a positive change. When I realized my recent limitations were old habits of time-wasting distractions I just consciously took steps to wean out these bad habits and bring back my productive mindset that I had "put on a shelf" for awhile.

I just did a little less of my bad habits each day and focused on little goals I needed to achieve by evening. I took control by first identifying my addictive behaviours as barriers to my own success. These barriers could also be real walls or even unsupportive people in your life just like in The Truman Show.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a thought provoking movie and a powerful metaphor for anyone wanting to take control of their life. The film stars Jim Carrey as Truman who is the unwitting star of a 24 hour reality TV show about his life. Everything around Truman was a film set. It was an illusion.

For 30 years Truman yearned to leave town but the producers of the show have conditioned Truman to fear venturing beyond the walls of the massive set of the town he lived in. For example there is a hilarious poster in a travel agency where Truman is trying to book a flight out of town. The poster featured an airplane being struck by lightening with a headline that says, "It could happen to you"!

Thankfully it is Truman's persistence that has him slowly identify the limitations and barriers around him. He starts to see through the facade of the sets and surrounding people trying to suppress his true desires.

See Through Your Barriers

So see Truman as a mirror for you. See through your barriers. Be persistent. Look at all the clues of the unauthentic elements of your life. Have the courage to identify the people around you who are acting as barriers to your true desires. Then start focusing on finding inspiring messages and people who will support you.

It takes heroic courage to take control of your life. You have what it takes inside you and all you have to do is activate that belief and energy.

And ultimately you will see your barriers and limitations for what they truly are – an illusion.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008


Anonymous said...

Again, that synchronicity thing seems to always be happening....
Every time I'm uncertain, or feeling uncomfortable and try to get out of that 'energy zone'...I take a random look at your tips, and always find something that helps me take a positive spin on my thoughts...

Mirella T.

Anonymous said...

This movie has really inspired me.

Patrick B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Emmanuel!

I especially like the ending. It's so easy to fall into the negative world we make for ourselves. It's very easy and comfortable to lament on what's NOT good.

Thank you for reminding us to focus on the positive energy that we all have available to us.