Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tip#86: Look Forward To Something - Cast Away

Fuel for the Soul

In every day life we develop interests to pass the time. Little do we know the power these interests will have in sustaining us during difficult times of change and transitions. These personal interests will become fuel to keep you moving forward one day at a time.

I remember during the first year of my mid-life crisis there were days I didn't want to get out of bed. I had lost my sense of purpose so I thought, "What was the point?" But I had discovered ways of moving forward. One way was the Metro News daily newspaper which was launched that year in 2000 in Toronto. Getting up and walking to the corner in the morning gave me something to look forward to.


Entertainment Weeklymagazine also gave me fuel for my soul. I looked forward to going to a nearby book and magazine store each week to read up on the latest movies and what upcoming films movie stars would be appearing in. I could feel a sense of peace as I sat warmly immersing myself into the words and pictures of this magazine.


And when I didn't have the energy to get out of the house I had home resources I could count on. I had my favourite websites bookmarked so I could read more on the daily news and reviews on movies at and I even derived much inspiration from horoscope sites like and Sometimes it felt like these astrologists were speaking directly to me, urging me to keep going.

TV Shows

Of course the biggest motivators were the movies and TV shows I looked forward to on television. My weekly TV guide gave me a full resource of programs to keep me going no matter how low energy I felt. And those first few years of the new millennium were painful. I remember TV shows like Aliasand Survivorgiving me much fuel. Even syndicated shows like Touched By An Angelwere profound in filling me with such hope that I'll have to a write about the power of this series at another time.

Cast Away

There is a powerful quote from the movie Cast Awaythat I remember seeing during my mid-life transition. Tom Hank's character Chuck is stuck on a deserted island and wanted to end it all. He had lost hope even though his thoughts of his love, Kelly had kept him motivated. Chuck then had a revelation and years later, after he was rescued, shares his thoughts...

"I knew, somehow, that I had to stay alive. Somehow. I had to keep breathing. Even though there was no reason to hope. And all my logic said that I would never see this place again. So that's what I did. I stayed alive. I kept breathing. And one day my logic was proven all wrong because the tide came in, and gave me a sail...

...And now, here I am. I'm back. In Memphis, talking to you. I have ice in my glass... And I've lost her all over again. I'm so sad that I don't have Kelly. But I'm so grateful that she was with me on that island. And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"

Let that quote inspire you. And take the time to look at what you can look forward to. You can start by filling in this list of your favourite activities. Remember these simple interests have the ability to re-energize your spirit.

1) Favourite coffee or beverage:
2) Favourite newspapers:
3) Favourite magazines:
4) Favourite websites:
5) Favourite movies:
6) Favourite tv shows:
7) Favourite music:
8) Favourite: other activities (sports events, meetings, courses, etc.)

The added bonus to identifying your personal interests is it brings to light 2 important elements: They keep you going through rough times AND they will open your eyes to your passions and what you value in life.

Personal interests are your hidden passions and passion is fuel. So become more conscious of what you love doing. Keep your hopes and optimism fueled for your journey of self-discovery, your search for a satisfying career, your quest to make a difference in the world AND your desire to find out what you were born to do.

Remember you never know what the tide will bring tomorrow.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

I like your consistency in your messages.

Thanks man

Anonymous said...

Tides come and go but they always bring something new….very inspiring…
thanks for sharing Emmanuel

Anonymous said...

Cool post Emmanuel. It's an important message that many of us forget.

BTW, I love the title of your blog. Motivatorman, ha.