Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tip#63: Follow The Signs, Part 1 - Stranger Than Fiction

If you are open and ready, a cascade of changes can occur once you initiate new choices in your life. This can happen rapidly as it did for me right after the events in my last tip#62 when I chose to take time and step back from my stressful situations. I kept open to the unexpected directions I needed to go and took quick ACTION on the signs given. You can learn to ACT quickly too if you recognize there are many signs given to you in advance.

To begin, I am going to share a mini saga in 4 parts that started a week before I found my new watch in my last blog tip.
Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

The romantic comedy fantasy drama, Stranger Than Fiction, is about Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) who starts to experience strange events like hearing a woman's voice in his head narrate his life. At the start of this film his watch face started doing strange things which heralded the chain of events that would change his life profoundly.

Recently and without warning I saw that my old watch started to do strange things as well. When I pressed the light button the digital face started flashing strange symbols and characters. It looked so similar to what happened to Harold in the film!

I had a gut feeling something was going to happen to me too. The coincidence of that movie and my watch just felt so strong. A few days later is when my laptop crashed and this time it felt permanently shut down. That led me to taking that sunny Saturday break where I finally found the new watch I'd been looking for.

I was beginning to wonder if the Stranger Than Fictionmovie was happening to me in real life. Life imitating art. I wouldn't mind, after all, Ferrell's character had successfully changed many of his old paradigms improving his life for the better. He began to live his life to the fullest and even found true love.

You could choose to see this watch and movie example as just coincidence of course. But my old watch acting strangely did herald a cascade of changes for me as I will explain in the next parts for following signs. Seeing these events in retrospect can change a skeptic mind when you start to see the rich benefits and goals that are achieved. Believing in signs are key.

Only in retrospect can you see the pattern of signs that led you to significant changes in your life. I highly recommend journaling everyday. Start by opening up a new document on your computer called 'My Daily Journal' or buy yourself a new blank book to write in.

Make daily notes of who you met, articles you read, tv shows or movies you watched that you liked. Make notes of billboard ads you read, flyers you walked by that caught your eye and even songs you heard on the radio with lyrics that stuck in your head. Record these random events in your day everyday. Start with just a few points a day just to get warmed up. After a week or two reread the notes and see if names or ideas reoccur.

You will eventually train yourself to recognize meaningful patterns that will lead you to positive changes in your life. Taking time to be introspective is powerful for moving forward with confidence. And then you can take ACTION whenever you want.

Once you develop the skill of recognizing meaningful signs and synchronicities you'll be enjoying life on a whole new level!

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Joy Wang said...

I love Stranger than Fiction, very subtle and witty movie that I've ever seen, I'm not sure in real life this type of person really exists, but one thing is undoubtful, change will always take place.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Emmanuel - I really find inspiration in your writings. Some of your tips resonate with me more than others but that will be the beauty of providing a book with dozens of unique tips - you'll have the potential of finding a customer in almost "everyone" :)