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Tip#65: Follow The Signs, Part 3 - Great Expectations

Your life script is filled with helpful characters

Meeting certain people briefly in your life and thinking of them years later can be a powerful sign. The first encounter may not reveal the importance of a future connection but life has a playful way of planting those seeds anyways. Your journey can unfold like a movie script with initial characters reappearing later. And if you follow the signs these individuals could make a significant difference in your life.

Continuing now with my mini saga...

That Sunday when I had learned more about the internal mind of a computer hard drive, my tech friend was finally out of solutions for fixing my laptop. So I began to think I needed to purchase a new laptop even though I felt my current one had many years left of life in it. No matter what I remained in control of my feelings and didn't get stressed. Right then I made it my focus and goal to get my laptop working again.

That positive attitude was definitely radiating out because a sudden thought came to me. I remembered a Mac consultant friend who had always helped me with computer purchases I've made over the past decade. Something just told me to contact him. So I ACTED on that thought without question and sent him an email the next day on Monday.

Amazingly he responded via email within an hour and that was another positive sign in itself. You see, due to his busy schedule, I sometimes don't hear back from him for weeks when I send him messages.

An hour or two later we were talking on the phone and I described what had happened to my laptop. My Mac friend said it sounded like I needed a brand new hard drive. So he recommended a Mac store owner he trusted to take care of installing a new hard drive for me. I felt fantastic having trusted in the initial sign to contact him. His unexpected and fast solution truly made my day.

Signs Unfolded

Now even more synchronicities and signs unfolded. The recommended store owner turned out to be someone I already met at a party my Mac friend had hosted last year around this time. I remembered he was a really nice guy. Plus I also remembered my brother in law bought his new laptop earlier this year from the same person. Knowing all this just increased my optimism.

So on Tuesday morning I contacted the computer store and dropped off the laptop that afternoon and got a great deal on the installation of a brand new hard drive. Life was great!

Do you see how fast solutions can manifest when you follow the signs you are given? My goal to have my laptop fixed manifested in just a few days. On top of that you will see how following the signs led to even more synchronicities in the next and last part of this mini saga.

So remember the people you meet all have a purpose if you allow yourself to believe so. Every encounter you have has the possibility of meaning something more. Remember you are always surrounded by people ready to help you. And some of them may feel like they are earth angels in your greatest time of need. See tip#6, tip#7 and tip#41. The key is to recognize the signs given to you that will lead you to them (tip#63).

Many movies reflect this concept of people re-entering the picture to make a difference in the main character’s life.

Great Expectations (1998)

In the romantic modernized film version of Great Expectationsthe story begins with a scene with a little boy forced to help an escaped convict played by Robert DeNiro. The little boy grows up to become a talented artist who is nurtured and financed by a secret benefactor. I'll let you use your imagination to who that benefactor turned out to be.

So think of your life as a well-written movie script where all the initial encounters are meaningful. See it filled with characters planted in your life with a bigger purpose that may not be revealed until months, years or even decades later. They might be people you knew in college, high school or someone you met at a party many years ago.

ACT on your impulses when you think of someone when you are stuck in life. Be bold and initiate contact with them even if it's been a long time. Or think about what it is about them that you admired or appreciated. Those insights can be helpful signs too. The people you remember may not have the full answers you seek but they may provide clarity or another contact that could help.

In the end just imagine your inner computer mind is simply accessing the files of your memory banks for the perfect person who could help you with the next step towards your goals and dreams. All you have to do is take ACTION and connect!

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