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Tip#64: Follow The Signs, Part 2 - The Matrix

You are always in control

Recognizing meaningful signs in your life can accelerate you towards your goals. It can be a powerful skill to develop. You just have to remember you are always in control of the road you are on no matter what negatives appear around you.

Continuing now with my mini saga of synchronicities…

In the morning after the Saturday I found my new watch I remained unworried about my laptop not working. Feeling relaxed and positive, I began thinking of calling my computer tech friend who has helped me before with my laptop crashes (see tip#45). Just then the phone suddenly rang and it was my friend I was just thinking of! I got chills up my spine. I was amazed and excited about the synchronicity so I took immediate ACTION and arranged to meet with him.

We got together that Sunday morning for a coffee and later he graciously spent the whole afternoon analyzing my laptop. That day I learned so much about hard drives: the inner mind of a computer. Knowing more about the basics of how computers function became a powerful metaphor for understanding how our human minds process information. The more you understand the inner mechanics of both the more you can optimize your computer and your own mind.

I began to remember some synchronistic signs that occurred several weeks before where 3 friends at different times were talking about their favourite protein shakes. I was amazed because I had already started to research increasing my protein intake. I had discovered that specific amounts of daily protein was a main ingredient to improving health and concentration levels. So those 3 friends were timely messages to help me with my new health goal.

So I started to see the breakdown of my laptop as a big sign leading me to learn more about taking care of the mind of my hard drive as well as the internal computer in my head. All I did was recognize the patterns that had unfolded over time.

Back to that Sunday afternoon, my friend reminded me that no matter whatever bad happened around me that I was always in control. I was in control of what to do next and how to feel. And he knows what he is talking about because he's a very positive, optimistic person despite the many health issues he's had over the years.

This message reminded me of Neo from the movie, The Matrix.

The Matrix (1999)

In the sci fi action film, The Matrix, Neo, played by Keannu Reeves, is told that he has the ability to control his reality. He could dodge bullets and never get hurt if he first chose to believe in his abilities. Believing was the key. Through practice and training he was then able to do incredible, heroic acts to save himself and others from harm. Neo was able to see through the illusions around him and control the experience he wanted.

Let that inspire you to stay in control of every aspect of your life especially when things are crashing. Let this message become a 'spiritual protein shake' for you. Drink it in! Train your mind to concentrate on the experiences you want.

Hearing my friend remind me that I was always in control helped that day especially when we realized my laptop was not getting fixed at that time. And as you will read in the next part I remained optimistic for the next set of signs I would attract to help me move forward with answers.

So remember to stay positive and optimistic even when things look dire. Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future. Enjoy the moment no matter what. Concentrate and focus your mind on what you want. Your 'feel good feelings' will radiate a positive energy that will attract signs to help you with the next best step to take.

"You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind."
The Matrix

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