Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tip#62: When It's Time To Step Back - The Count of Monte Cristo

Sometimes people get stuck in their life or career because they feel they are out of options. While others, like myself, mostly get stuck when there are too many choices. These are the times when it is important to step back. Step back out of the chaos to clear your head. Unexpected benefits will always follow.

Stepping Back Is Stepping Forward

Recently I felt overloaded with many new work opportunities and my long 'to do' list. On top of that my laptop had crashed again which took a lot of time to figure out. As you can imagine that is a frustrating situation since a laptop or computer can be a much needed, daily tool and can halt your daily schedule. All this overwhelmed me by the week's end. So by the weekend I just let go of any impending stress and worry and took a walk around the city.

Toronto was alive on that sunny and hot Saturday with many outdoor events happening. I surrendered to my situation and just followed my nose (see tip#51). I could feel my head clearing from the outside environment and new sounds and sights I encountered. Then I found myself naturally gravitate towards an ongoing search to find a new watch. I'd been looking for over a year and hadn't found one a really liked.

I was looking for that knowing, magic moment when you know you've found what you were looking for. For those who have a passion for shopping you know what I am talking about. It's when you find an item and it feels like your name was written on it. It feels like it had been calling you because it was made just for you. And when you find it you trust your gut and purchase it without letting the price tag stop you. For some, like myself, looking at the price tag first is an old habit I'd been wanting to break.

So on that sunny Saturday I tried something new and shopped for a new watch and didn’t look at the price tag first. It felt empowering trying on all these watches I was attracted to and just had fun imagining that money was no barrier. I was fully aware I was breaking an old paradigm that was holding me back in more ways than one.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

In the adventure movie The Count of Monte Cristo Jim Caviezel plays Edmond Dantes who was wrongfully imprisoned for many years. Through perseverance and help from a fellow prisoner he was rewarded with enormous treasures and riches upon his escape. What was exhilarating about this film is you get to witness his transformation in appearance and confidence when he purchases the best that money can buy.

You see him in luxurious clothes, the richest of homes and able to throw the most lavish housewarming party for hundreds of guests. The Count had unlimited wealth and that allowed him to follow his heart’s desire. And though at first he doesn't use the wealth for noble purposes he eventually learns to use it for good.

The point of this is to FEEL you have unlimited wealth. That is the first step in building your self-worth. That positive energy is what will attract that wealth (money or richness in spirit) in the physical world. That's the law of attraction in action. The Count actually prepared himself for receiving his wealth by enriching his mind and skills while imprisoned.

Now before breaking your old paradigms you have to be made aware of it. Old belief systems will hold back the flow of money or wealth into your life. It's what Bob Proctor talked about (see tips#56) with the need to break multiple habits of thinking. These old ways of thinking are walls that can prevent you from seeing your self-worth if you keep making decisions based on the unconscious feeling of lack. Not looking at a price tag to make your buying decisions is an exercise Proctor said would help.

A New Paradigm

So back to that bright Saturday where I decided to put into play my new paradigm of having thoughts and feelings for unlimited wealth. I must have been radiating something because I received outstanding help from an excellent salesperson. I eventually found the perfect watch! It looked perfect and I really felt like a million bucks wearing it. I zestfully purchased it on the spot and wore it out of the store with a big smile on my face.

My search that day was not only an enjoyable experience but a valuable exercise in allowing myself to feel rich and deserving. The long journey to find this watch was ultimately a lesson in creating a new paradigm of BEING rich and deserving. I realized that the law of attraction was working all this time in getting me my dream watch. It was also getting me to break my old paradigms regarding money.

And who knows, perhaps my laptop crashing was part of the universe orchestrating how I could achieve my goal of finding a new watch. The paradox is that I accomplished an old goal by stepping back from the negative feelings from my overloaded schedule and computer problems. And based on the law of attraction I would have magnetized more issues and stress.

'Watch' Out For Hidden Benefits

So remember this watch story when you feel stuck and overloaded with work, with other responsibilities or problems. See it as a time to step back and allow synchronicity to lead you on a necessary detour. Taking different pathways will always lead you back to your main road in life. And you will always pick up insights along the way. Plus you'll feel a little more energized, positive and optimistic. See it as mini vacations.

Those insights you pick up may also be about breaking old paradigms of thinking that will benefit you in all areas of your life. Become aware of old belief systems holding you back with issues of money, relationships, career and health. Chip away at the walls keeping you from realizing your self-worth.

Worry is a waste of time and energy. There are better ways to focus your energy. Train yourself to remember that you are ALWAYS in control of your day. Even when you feel stuck. You are in control of all your past and future paradigms. Just remember to step back when it feels time to step back.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
John Lennon

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

This is good stuff man.


Anonymous said...

On another level, I think it is meaningful that it is a watch (a time keeping device) that you were looking for... when in the daily routine, you felt overwhelmed as though you had no time, but when you step back to enjoy your day and your search for the watch you realized that in fact you had lots of "time" and made sure to enjoy the process.


Anonymous said...

Nice watch man.