Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tip#32: Law of Attraction, Part 2 - Start Small - The Secret

Using the law of attraction is like learning any new skill. Start with small steps and get inspired by real-life success stories.

The Secret (2006)

The movie The Secret is a series of interviews with experts in various fields of personal growth demonstrating the use of the law of attraction to manifest our dreams and goals.

The Secretmovie was featured on the Oprahshow on February 8, 2007. Now more people would have discovered that the law of attraction can be a real tool for changing one's life forever. And from my experience watching The Secretmy successes for attracting what I've wanted have only come from being MORE CONSCIOUS of my thoughts and feelings. And equally important I started with small steps for small goals. Here are some examples...

Parking Spaces:

I smiled during the scene in The Secretwhen it featured attracting parking spaces because I've been practicing the same thing for years. I always visualized and asked my "parking angels" for a parking space exactly where I wanted it and when. And it worked 9 out of 10 times. Plus I always said thank you afterwards. I found that parking spots weren’t quick to find the next time if I didn't say thank you!


After I saw The Secretfor the first time I started to practice on something small and specific like a dvd. I visualized the movie I wanted, which was As Good As It Gets,as a new and unused dvd. I even put a specific price of $10 knowing that most unused dvd's cost more than that. Well soon afterwards my eye caught the cover of the dvd in a store with a price tag of 2 for $20. Usually that means that individually they were more than $10. So I did a price check and to my surprise it was $10 individually. Did my eyes bug out? Oh yeah.

Snow Boots:

I had been shopping for new snow boots and wasn't finding anything I had been picturing. I was visualizing simple black leather boots that weren't too bulky and that were warm, light and zip ups. Then I remembered that I had to ask for them consciously as part of the law of attraction process. A few days later I felt guided to a networking event party in a part of Toronto I don’t usually go to. I wasn't enjoying the event so I left early. I walked by a shoe store nearby and decided to walk in.

Well do I even have to say what I found in there? It was the exact kind of boots I'd been looking for and even under the price range I visualized! I was thrilled! This was during December of last year when we had no snow in Toronto and I really wanted to try out my new boots. When we finally got snow in mid January I wondered if I manifested that snowfall too!

Winning A Contest Prize:

I wanted to especially share this example because tonight is the 79th Academy Awards show and I am still amazed I magnetized this goal. A few weeks ago I saw a copy of the daily Toronto Metro News and they had a contest for their Metro Movie Awards Gala the night of the Academy Awards. I'd been wanting to do something different for watching the Oscars (which I enjoy every year) and this sounded great.

So I visualized enjoying myself with a guest at this Metro News event taking place at the Rosewater Supper Club. And this was easy because I'd already been to the venue it was being held at and knew they had delicious food! I then went online and entered the contest holding that vision and the feel good feelings. Three days ago I got a call from the Metro News congratulating me on winning a ticket for 2 for this event.

Manifest More

So start small when using the law of attraction. Believe that it can work. Believe that it is real. I'm sure you already have your own experiences but only considered them as just coincidences. You have to move beyond that mindset if you want to truly manifest more of what you want into your life.

Become more AWAKE when applying the law of attraction methods and remember that it takes ongoing practice. This can be a really fun, new world of experiences if that's what you want to attract.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning those free tickets for Sunday's event! Either your vibration is working tenfold or you got really good karma or something? Way to go!!!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this tip because it is something that I have started practising and I can see it works IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT, visualize and have the feeling that you have it already.