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Tip#1081: Movies to Inspire Hope & Ignite Change, Part 2 - Black Panther

When I went to the first afternoon screening on opening day of the Black Panther film the line up for tickets was absolutely packed with kids and adults! These lineups usually never happen when I see opening day films at this time. This was when I began to realize Black Panther was going to be a cultural phenomenon.

After the screening I was riveted to social media posts on twitter about the film and what I saw unfold moved me deeply. Here are the posts and articles that were flooding twitter…

Last night we saw the #BlackPanther movie as a family & loved it. The best part for me, seeing my 9yr old son sit in awe as he saw people of color hold themselves in such high regard on screen. He knows Wakanda isn't real but now wants to know more about Africa. @MarvelStudios 
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Just saw #blackpanther in the middle of Montana in a theatre full of white people and I was a little worried until they all gave it a standing ovation at the end IT WAS SO WONDERFUL I CRIED
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Check out this video of people dancing in theatre lobby:
this is how we left the theater #BlackPanther

Check out this photo showing Black Panther being screened in every theatre at one cinema:
Every. Single. Theater. Is. #BlackPanther

Check out these celebrities doing massive acts of kindness:
• Octavia Spencer to Host Free ‘Black Panther’ Screening in Underserved Community
• 'Captain Marvel' Star Brie Larson Is Helping People Get 'Black Panther' Tickets
• How celebrities are helping thousands of children see ‘Black Panther’ for free

I was so thrilled seeing these stars actively using social media to get their followers to help pay for tickets for other people not able to afford their own tickets to see Black Panther. Actress Brie Larson was getting followers to help financially from places like Rio de Janeiro, Paraguay, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Canada and more!

And all this was happening during Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is the loving world and community I am happy to live in. And all thanks to a visionary superhero film!

Black Panther (2018)

The superhero film, Black Panther, is about the life and politics of new King, T’Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) of the Afrofuturistic world of Wakanda and what happens when he is challenged by unexpected rival, Erik "Killmonger" Stevens (Michael B. Jordan). This visually stunning movie is filled with exciting action scenes, super cool technology and empowering characters and performances by Boseman, Jordan and supporting cast that includes Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Andy Serkis.

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This film was so amazing and thrilling on so many levels! Every character of this predominantly African-American cast had an important part to the story and many represented a positive cinematic role model for anyone of any age, colour or culture. Co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed) this movie felt different than other Marvel films because it not only entertained but I knew it was going to help change the world. These cinematic role models would help empower all kids and adults who get a chance to see this movie.

I found a video on CNN that I loved watching because it featured kids expressing their excitement of seeing Black Panther. Hundreds of them from the Harlem Boys and Girls Club got to see the film for free thanks to Community Activist Frederick Joseph. It warmed my heart knowing these kids were now inspired to be heroes and be the best they could be in life! Check it out…

CNN: Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther' joins 'Wonder Woman' in blazing super trail

Inspiring Themes:
• Following a Vision
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Courage
• Confidence
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Supportive Relationships
• Values & Integrity
• Culture, Community & Traditions
• Racial Equality

There is a speech in the first of two post credit scenes that moved me the most. With the current state of politics happening in the US this speech filled me with uplifting hope that the positive, inclusive world I want to live in will happen and IS happening! And writing this blog post is my way of helping create this change.

If you are feeling hopeless or stuck in your life then find a film that will inspire hope and ignite positive change. Be empowered by cinematic role models that are overflowing with confidence, courage and indestructible optimism! They are there to show you that a better WORLD is possible and a better YOU can happen!

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Tip#1081: Movies to Inspire Hope & Ignite Change, Part 2 - Black Panther

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