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Tip#1043: Is Your Mom A Superhero? Part 2 - Queen of Katwe

Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome Mom and all mothers around the world!

Today is Mother’s Day so I’m dedicating this post to my Mom. She is actually the strongest mother I know because of her resilience and perseverance with all the health and life challenges she has endured (see tip#454). She has stories of challenging times growing up during WWII in the Philippines and what she witnessed with the Japanese occupation. She is also an outstanding example of unconditional love and her thoughtful, caring actions continually teach me how to be a better son and man each and every day!

Despite my Mom living in a different city she is always somehow with me every day. For example she gave me an egg slicer that I use almost daily. It is nothing fancy but actually works better than other brand names I’ve used! So I always thank my Mom in my thoughts whenever I make my super delicious egg salad sandwiches!

There are also movies that make me think of my Mom’s strength, love and support. My Mom is a real superhero to me so I see her in the heroes of these films. Click on the titles to read my posts on these movies…

A Home of Our Own (1993) 
The Blind Side (2009) 
The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio (2005) 
The Sound of Music (1965)

Here is another movie that surprised me because it was not only about an inspiring little girl but equally about her mother’s strength and love too.

Queen of Katwe (2016)

The biographical, sports drama film, Queen of Katwe, is based on the true story of 10-year-old Phiona (Madina Nalwanga) following her passion for playing chess while living in a slum of Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. Robert Katende (David Oyelowo) is the missionary teaching children how to play chess and Nakku Harriet (Lupita Nyong'o) is Phiona’s mother intent on supporting and protecting her four children. See: movie trailer

There are so many inspirational messages in this movie! Phiona demonstrates great strength and inner courage for wanting a better life while Robert inspires with his persistent support of Phiona’s gifts and talents. The other kids are also fun characters and provide many humorous moments as they learn how to play chess. You see how they learn about strategy, team spirit and problem solving and how it all relates to life.

And then there’s Phiona’s mother who, at first, is overly protective but later shows great pride and joy for her daughter’s resilience and optimism. Her mother also shows how she would do anything to provide for her family especially when they lose their home and struggle to live in an abandoned, dilapidated building. She is a vision of a mother whose focus is all for the care of her children.

Inspiring Themes:
• Following a Dream
• Courage
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Supportive Relationships
• Family
• Problem Solving
• Creative Thinking & Solutions

Mothers in the movies can mirror the love and strength of your own mother. They can remind you of the gifts your Mom has given you growing up and even in your adult life. Your Mom may even be your hero! And whether she is still with you or passed on let her know you are thinking of her and give her your overflowing love and gratitude!

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