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Tip#1005: Random Acts of Kindness, Part 3 - Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

I love promoting people I believe in! That’s why I use my passion for photography to take photos of these people and their work and post them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and my Instagram channel called The Film Food Friends Project. I just want people around the world to know about them and their services!

Helping others through my creative skills has led to over 1,000 photos on my Instagram project. Doing photography is actually a creative coping method for clinical depression as is creating artwork, music, motivational programs and over 1,000 tips on my movie blog. So much of this has never been seen in public and my big dream is to share these creations and inspire and empower others!

This dream is so overwhelming that I realized I need a manager like the one I had in my previous business as an illustrator and creative director. When I brought this need up for a manager with a friend he enthusiastically recommended I see a documentary directed by fellow Canadian Mike Myers. I immediately watched it and it gave me a powerful vision of what I was looking for! It showed me that there are people doing successful business but are secretly doing random acts of kindness too!

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2013)

The documentary film, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, is about talent manager Shep Gordon and his famous clients and altruistic approach to his business and in living life. This highly entertaining movie features many life lessons and testimonials from Shep’s friends and clients that include Alice Cooper, Michael Douglas, Emeril Lagasse, Anne Murray, Willie Nelson and Sylvester Stallone. See: movie trailer

There are several exciting reasons to love this documentary. First is the brilliant creative marketing ideas Shep had for his clients. One of my favourite stories is about another Canadian Anne Murray. Although she was very different from his other Rock n Roll clients (Alice Cooper) he loved her wholesome folk music voice. So to help promote her Shep arranged a photo of her with John Lennon, Alice Cooper and other famous people. Her career quickly took off thanks to Shep’s personal desire to help her!

Secondly, Shep was also responsible for the first generation of “celebrity chefs” like Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck. He began managing them because they were not making any money from their public performances. So he wanted to help by getting them television shows and their products onto the supermarket shelves. It’s been said that there would be no Food Network, no Bravo, probably no Eater without Shep Gordon.

A third reason this film inspires is Shep’s passion for simply making other people feel good. He learned to cook from a famous French three star Michelin chef Roger Vergé and further expanded his life philosophy…

 “The idea is to make everyone feel as good as they could possibly feel. You focus completely on your guests. It's never about what you want.” 

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Supportive Relationships
• Community Spirit
• Altruism & Mensch lifestyle
• Leadership
• Creative Marketing

Looking back seven years ago I feel grateful for having been introduced to the mensch concept as co-host of The Mensch Life Show with host and Mortgage Agent David Grossman. Mensch is defined as a person of integrity and honor; a person regarded as being honorable and responsible and having strength of character. This is the kind of person I always want to be and make people feel good with my work like Shep Gordon!

See me on a segment of The Mensch Life Show:
Random Acts of Kindness - Pay It Forward & Backward

Business and work can be places you can inject feel good energy through random acts of kindness. Be inspired by films and real-life examples of good-hearted people whose goal is to brighten someone’s day or help them through their problems. Be a mensch today for someone who needs a smile!

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing story - I didn’t know about this great guy and it’s so exciting!!!! You bring it to life so well.

Steffi B