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Tip#959: Remember the Magic of Cinema, Part 2 - Micmacs

The recent Victoria Day long weekend was filled with warm sunshine and blue skies! I ended up doing a “staycation” and enjoyed soaking up each sunny day with long, re-vitalizing walks. At times I felt like Superman when he gets re-energized by the sun and I can feel my inner batteries recharging!

Engaging films can re-energize my batteries as well especially ones that are highly imaginative and visually exciting. I remember seeing the Wizard of Oz for the first time as a child and being enthralled by the colourful imagery and characters on the screen. Today there are many movies saturated with interesting computer generated graphics (CGI) but lack an original vision or heart. There is one film I recently revisited and it reminded me of the feeling of pure movie magic!

Micmacs (2009)

The French comedy film, Micmacs, is about Bazil (Dany Boon) getting even with weapons manufacturers in creative ways with the help of a group of gifted outcasts living in Paris. This highly entertaining story is overflowing with wonderful, whimsical performances and every frame is a work of art! See: movie trailer

The French term micmacs roughly translates to funny/fishy business, schemes, dirty tricks or non-stop shenanigans and these scenes in the movie are executed in many clever, hilarious ways! The actors, such as Dominique Pinon, Yolande Moreau, Michel Crémadès and Julie Ferrier as Elastic Girl, also look like distinctive cartoon characters come to life. These outcasts each have unique gifts and talents and they demonstrate amazing teamwork and team spirit.

Inspiring Themes:
• Imagination
• Strategic Thinking
• Resilience
• Teamwork & Team Spirit
• Supportive Relationships

This film comes from the outstanding imagination of French writer and director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who created other memorable movies such as Delicatessen, A Very Long Engagement and the cinema favourite Amélie. He creates wonderful worlds with a very distinctive French flavour in every scene. In fact every location in Paris has such a gorgeous tone and feeling that I can almost smell and taste French pastries and croissants in each shot!

Have you had a taste of pure movie magic recently? Remember there are movies that can entertain and then there are others that take it to a whole other level and immerse you in a highly imaginative, sensory world! This is a place where all your troubles disappear for a few hours and you can re-energize your spirit and mind. See these films as your resources for recharging your batteries and then return you to your life and work revitalized and enthusiastic to enjoy your day!

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