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Tip#925: Movies for Mental Health - Art With Impact - Depression - Anomalisa

As I write this I am going into a second week of an unexpected lapse back into depression after five months of feeling like my old energetic self (see previous tip#924). It also feels like seasonal affective disorder, SAD or even the winter blues (see tip#804). Either way I’ve focused back on integrating my probiotics supplement which I ran out of for about a week (see tip#880). I’ve also been eating more fruit and increasing my hydration with more spring water daily. Read more about dehydration and depression:
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I recently attended an amazing youth event I’d been looking forward to called Movies for Mental Health hosted by Art With Impact and partnered with Healthy Minds Canada. It was a very educational, interactive evening of short films showing what mental illness is like. Director Natalie Daley facilitated a lively discussion that got audience members at OCAD University (where I graduated!) to share movie titles that showed mental illness as well as what that term means to them.

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I'm with Natalie Daley, Director of Movies for Mental Health, Art With Impact

After each screening of a thought-provoking short film we’d break into small groups to discuss thoughts, feelings and insights about what we watched. During this time and with the panel discussion at the end individuals shared personal stories of their mental illness challenges. It was so inspiring to hear the strength and courage of these individuals.

This incredible evening reaffirmed my own belief that films have the power to educate, increase awareness and open up dialogue on mental illness for those struggling for help.

Anomalisa (2015)

The stop-motion animated drama film, Anomalisa, is about a lonely self-help author and speaker Michael Stone (David Thewlis) and the surreal, abstract depiction of his mental illness and what his world looks like to him. It’s best that this is all you know before seeing this highly creative, haunting and unusual cinematic experience. Also note that this film deals with adult themes. See: movie trailer 

This film was so strange to watch and yet I felt it captured so much of the loneliness and pain that comes from the depression I’ve experienced over so many years. Seeing these onscreen images may not be pleasant and yet that is part of the movie's power. It also shows how uplifting it is to find another person you can make a meaningful connection with to alleviate mental anguish even for just a while.

This is the type of film I hope encourages more dialogue about mental illness much like what Art With Impact is doing with its Movies for Mental Health series is doing for youths. The more people can find ways to educate themselves the faster they can find solutions to living a fuller life again.

If you’ve been feeling off-balanced or not yourself for weeks, months or years and don’t know what’s wrong then please know that you are not alone. Be open to movies, local events and resources that could make a life changing difference in guiding you out of the darkness. You’ll discover that others may be on a similar journey as you. Knowing that could bring bright, uplifting comfort to your heart and mind.

MOVIE MESSAGES OF HOPE: Fresh Air Show 14 minutes

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