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Tip#900: Resilience in the Workplace - Depression & Mental Health – HRPA Toronto – The Martian

This is my 900th post and I am celebrating all the readers around the world that have been inspired by my movie recommendations and the documenting of highs and lows of my journey. Thank you to each person who has written or spoken to me about how much this movie blog has made a positive difference in your work and life! Your acknowledgement in return helped me stay resilient during dark periods of depression.

I also want to celebrate a presentation I did a few months ago that was an exciting highlight for me in the year I started my recovery program for chronic depression. This presentation was a first for sharing details of my diagnosis and was very well received. The topic was Resilience in the Workplace and I spoke to HRPA Toronto, Canada’s largest membership of HR Professionals. The one-hour seminar was an overview of my “Recipe for Resilience”, three keys to staying strong during difficult times and depression. Each key is actually a presentation topic in itself:

Topic 1: Re-energize Yourself
Topic 2: Activate Indestructlble Optimism
Topic 3: Ignite Team Spirit & Social Support

“I appreciated the openness and honesty in your story, quite courageous.” 
Maria Zdessenko, Recruitment Consultant, IHR Inc.

“Your talk was very enjoyable and motivating! I also know someone close to me who suffers from depression so your story really hit home.”
Vana Amanatidis, Director, Human Resources, Stern Cohen LLP

“Emmanuel brought new life to timeless movies such as Groundhog Day and The Shawshank Redemption with his real life experiences dealing with depression and his progress in life. Excellent work!”
Stephen Clement, Staffing Consultant, Recruiting in Motion

“Great presentation. I appreciated you sharing your story and providing such great tips.” 
Deborah Berwick, Sr. Manager Community Affairs and The Home Depot Foundation

“I found the session engaging and sincere. A fresh view of a lot of known concepts around resilience, taking into account situations and feelings that go beyond the workplace.” 
Ferhana Dostmohamed, Senior Manager, Technology-Based Learning, KPMG International

“Your presentation was very impressive. I found it very useful for myself and will definitely watch movies you recommended.” 
Xiaodan (Jessie) Cao, HR Specialist, ZTE Canada

“Thank you for a great presentation. Your openness regarding your own struggles with depression really seemed to resonate with our audience.”
Dahlia Daley, HR Generalist & Event Coordinator, HRPA Toronto

What was so empowering for me about these testimonials is that my personal story resonated with the audience. By talking about the movies, tools and methods I learned from my experience with depression I was helping someone on a personal level. Encouragement and acknowledgement like this is amazingly uplifting and re-energizing! This is why igniting team spirit and social support in the workplace and in life can be powerful fuel for perseverance, resilience and indestructible optimism. These are vital ingredients for resilience!

The Martian (2015)

The science fiction, adventure thriller film, The Martian, is about astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) being stranded on the planet Mars and how he maintained his indestructible optimism and resilience to survive. Through a highly riveting story, engaging performances and NASA's input on factual accuracy this movie has inspiring lessons for the workplace and in life. See: movie trailer 

Watney demonstrated a powerful mindset for positivity and having a vision/goal of creating food and water until it was possible to be rescued. He was extremely resourceful with tools at hand and personal skill sets to accomplish his goal as well as find methods to communicate with mission control on earth and his crew mates. You then see the amazing power of team spirit and team work in action. This team spirit also extends to the media and people on earth rooting for Watney to come home safely.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a vision/goal
• Perseverance
Indestructible Optimism
• Strategic Thinking/Creative Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Resourcefulness
• Leadership
• Supportive Relationships/Teamwork
• Acknowledgement & Recognition

This film can be a powerful Resilience Resource not just for a workplace team but also for individuals dealing with personal challenges with mental health or depression whether it is clinical or situational. Watney is also an excellent cinematic role model for anyone who feels alone and hopeless with their challenges. This movie provides many insights that can be applied immediately to current challenges and goals that need to be accomplished.

Resilience in the workplace starts with having a vision/goal that can re-energize positive thinking and drive. Then it’s about activating indestructible optimism to see the positives in the negatives you face to accomplish that vision/goal. And in the end it is team spirit and team work with the people around you to reach that vision/goal.

Encouragement and acknowledgement comes from team spirit and lets someone know they have value and are supported in their task. And that can feel good! Feeling good leads to increased productivity and a thriving work culture. Practice these ingredients for resilience today and expect to see amazing results!

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Remember How Movies Can Help You: 
A) Entertain & Escape 
B) Re-energize & Release 
C) Insights, Inspiration & Epiphanies

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the 900th. nicely done. hope things are great with you.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats lovely!

Louisa Jewell, MAPP
Speaker, Facilitator, Author and Well-being Teacher

Anonymous said...

Congratulations – terrific achievement.

That is excellent, Emmanuel

Ian Anthony

Unknown said...

Well done, Emmanuel!
Good luck and very best wishes on the next 900!

Cheron Long-Landes
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Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you so much Renn, Louisa, Ian and Cheron! I really appreciated your support and congrats!

Scully Love Promo said...

Emmanuel, I'm not surprised that so many people have let you know how much they appreciate your blog and your own resilience and indestructible optimism! Your positive, uplifting messages as well as your honesty about your journey with depression resonates with so many of us and you continue to inspire me with each and every blog post. Congratulations on 900!! I wish you all the very best in every area of your life and I truly believe you are destined for great things. Happiness will be yours. With gratitude, Christine

Anonymous said...

congrats! onward to 1000

Alan Penn

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you Alan! And thank you Christine for all the kind words! Most appreciated!! And I am so happy my blog posts inspire you!