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Tip#783: Indulge In A Guilty Pleasure, Part 2 – Adam Sandler – Blended

Wow! Some film critics can be brutal with their reviews of Adam Sandler films! I just read some on wikipedia for Blended and they were extremely negative. When I saw the movie a part of my brain agreed and was saying “this is so stupid, why am I watching this?” but the rest of me was indulging in the silly scenes and crazy characters and made me laugh out loud. I've seen it twice now and for some strange reason Sandler’s films get better and better on repeat screenings. So yes I’m a big fan as I’ve written in previous posts! See: tip#58

Blended (2014)

The romantic comedy film, Blended, is about two single parents Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and their kids getting stuck at a family resort in Africa after a bad blind date. You don’t need to know anymore of the plot because you're really interested in the crazy, crude jokes, kooky characters (Terry Crews is hilarious) and embarrassing situations! See: movie trailer

What always surprises me are the little heartwarming moments that happen in a Sandler film. It may seem corny but these moments feel good just like in Sandler and Barrymore’s other films together The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. In Blended the theme of antagonistic families coming together led to many unexpected acts of kindness. You see positive change transform the previous problems between the lead characters as well as each other's kids.

So if you want to indulge in a guilty pleasure of an Adam Sandler film to make you laugh and have moments to touch your heart I highly recommend Blended. Or if you have other movies you secretly love then indulge in those today!

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