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Tip#781: Cultivate Community, Part 9 - The Hundred-Foot Journey

This movie blog was originally supposed to be about my two top passions film and food. I love how both can activate so many positive memories, emotions and pleasures for the senses! I also love how films and food can bring people together to create a sense of community and family. That’s why when I get to write about movies about food it is the ultimate blogging joy!

The food festival Taste of the Danforth is currently on this weekend here in Toronto and we are having perfect hot sunny weather. When it first started in 1993 it was predominantly Greek food but over the years this Greek neighborhood has grown in its multiculturalism. So restaurants serving Thai, Chinese, East Indian and more have made this annual event a tasty, vibrant multicultural experience drawing in thousands of food lovers!

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

The comedy drama film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, is about two different restaurants, French cuisine and Indian cuisine, within hundred feet of each other fighting with one another. It is also about how the power of food can bring people with differences together in love and respect. There are also romantic stories that add to the already tasty story and glorious scenes of delicious foods being prepared and served! The director Lasse Hallström also directed another popular foodie movie Chocolat. See: movie trailer

This film is almost fantasy like with its magical, lush scenery in the south of France. The soundtrack fusion of French and Indian tunes are also fantastic! Adding to all that are many inspiring life lessons and themes. Ultimately the beauty of the film is witnessing the bonding power of food across difference cultures and how trying something new can make you a better person! I highly recommend this movie to feed your senses, spirit and soul!

Inspirational Themes:
• Passion & Perseverance
• Indestructible Optimism
• Social Support
• Resilience
• Power in Family
• Power of Food
• Acceptance of cultural differences

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