Sunday, July 06, 2014

Tip#771: Celebrate Big News! – Cineplex Pre-Show Trailer - Big Night

A lot of big things this summer I need to celebrate! First I am so excited for the son of good friends who is appearing in the CINEPLEX PRE-SHOW trailer all of July! So theatres in every city across Canada will be featuring his smiling face and energy. He's a special reporter doing an interview for upcoming "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" Imax movie. See the live Lemurs around him in photos below!

He is extremely talented and an absolute natural in front of the camera! I truly believe he could have a super career in show business.

Secondly I made a dream come true and helped organize the first FILM FOOD FRIENDS event where we screened the popular foodie movie Big Night at a friend’s beautiful lakeshore condo. And when the glorious dish called Timpano is served in the film we paused it and served the homemade dish right out of the oven for our small group of friends! The dream that came true was making this gathering concept come true AND finally tasting Timpano for first time since I saw Big Night in 1996! And it was deeeeeelicious!

Big Night (1996)

The comedy drama film, Big Night, is about two Italian immigrant brothers trying to keep their restaurant from going under on the New Jersey Shore in the 1950’s. Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and younger brother Secondo (Stanley Tucci) are both hilarious and heartwarming in a film filled with loving scenes of food being prepared, served and enjoyed! See: movie trailer

The highlight dish is called Timpano which chef Primo describes as, “Timpano is a pasta with a special crust and is shaped like a drum, like a timpani drum. And inside is the most important things in the world.” It is a highly memorable moment when you see it unveiled and the guests enjoy a slice of heaven! See: recipe and photos 

Big news about anything needs to be celebrated and shared! Food can always be part of the celebration. I hope you get to celebrate something big today!

“Bite your teeth into the ass of life!” 
Big Night (1996)

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