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Tip#770: Friendships in Films, Part 2 - The Kings of Summer

I am extremely glad that I was able to get to my friend’s cottage a few weekends ago to soak in the great outdoors with good friends. The reason is this recent July 1st long weekend (and week before) was spent mostly sick in bed with a cold. I missed out on so many Toronto events and yet I knew my body needed rest. I also had the chance to edit 100’s of photos I took from the cottage weekend. See: Facebook photo album 

There is something so rejuvenating about the forest air and lake water! And I always love the nature walks my friend Jamie takes us on through his land. And though we only had one hot day some of us jumped into the chilly water. I lasted a few seconds and scrambled out and then jumped in again! I could feel my whole mind, body and spirit jolt wide awake each time. The water reminded me how good it was to be alive and how timeless the great outdoors feels with good friends!

The Kings of Summer (2013)

The comedy film, The Kings of Summer, is about Joe (Nick Robinson) a teen who is so frustrated with his single father that he decides to leave home and build a house in the woods with his best friend Patrick (Gabriel Basso) and a strange kid named Baggio (Moisés Arias). This coming-of-age story had characters that were hilarious and offered heartwarming lessons of friendship and loyalty.
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Inspiring Themes:
• Friendship
• Loyalty
• Leadership & Teamwork
• Fun & Adventure
• Energy of being in nature

If you like movies like Stand By Me you will enjoy this film! There are many movies about friendship. Which ones do you resonate with?

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Tip#770: Friendships in Films, Part 2 - The Kings of Summer

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