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Tip#742: Resilience Is Your Hidden Super Power, Part 4 – The Pianist

I recently gave one of the most enjoyable presentations at a day event called “Resiliency Now! A Capacity Building and Networking Event”. My topic was “Activate Your Indestructible Optimism” and combined it with interactive networking exercises for the audience of Executive Directors, Middle management, Frontline staff and Volunteers. The positive energy in the room was overflowing and I could see the attendees really enjoying themselves!

The key needs of personal resilience and organizational resilience was brought to my attention and I felt this was where I could be of service the most with my talks. Perhaps that’s why I felt so blissful facilitating this presentation because I was able to share the methods and movies that helped build my own resilience during times of depression, burnout, mid-career crisis and bankruptcy. I could really see the silver lining of helping others now from the pain I’d experienced in the past.

“Resilience is no longer a dry and boring topic. With Emmanuel people can relax, have fun and learn something. Time well invested!” 
Peter Dudka, Employment Counsellor/Workplace Coordinator

The Pianist (2002)

The historical drama film, The Pianist, is based on the true story of Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody) and his story of survival during Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. The film begins by showing Szpilman’s supportive relationships with family, friends and colleagues and as the horrors of the war unfold you see how these relationships help him stay resilient over many years. See: movie trailer

Amidst the heartbreaking atrocities there are beautiful moments where the music of the piano helps lift people’s spirit and rescues Szpilman when faced directly with the enemy near the end of the war. His passion for music helped save his life as well as the help of caring, loving relationships he cultivated.

Seeing this powerful, Oscar winning film can help inspire your resilience to persevere in your own adversities in career, workplace and life. You can overcome any unexpected change or crisis as long as you learn to build indestructible optimism and surround yourself with supportive relationships that believe in you.

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Remember How Movies Can Help You:
A) Entertain & Escape
B) Re-energize & Release
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments

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