Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tip#736: Just Have Fun, Part 4 – Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars - Frozen

I love Ellen DeGeneres! She instigated two memorable moments at the 86th Academy Awards that was so fun and entertaining that I thought about it for days afterwards. While hosting the show Ellen wanted to do a selfie photo with Meryl Streep in the audience and go for a world record of retweets on Twitter. Suddenly several other Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence jumped into the photo. It became a genuine moment where the stars became ordinary people and behaving like kids having fun!

The selfie ended up making a world record of 1.7 million retweets in less than an hour and made social media history. If you want to retweet it here is the link which, as of this writing, has reached over 3.2 million retweets. Click here

Here is a link with photos from different angles: Click here

The second moment I loved was when Ellen asked the audience if anyone was hungry for pizza and later brought in a real pizza guy from behind the stage. Ellen led him into the audience where they proceeded to give pizza slices out to Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and others. Again it was so much fun seeing these Hollywood stars just being down-to-earth people and making the Oscars so enjoyable to watch. Plus I was excited and thrilled for the pizza guy, Edgar, who shared his reaction on the Ellen Show the next day. See: Edgar the pizza guy on Ellen Show

Frozen (2013)

The animated musical fantasy-comedy film, Frozen, is about many themes like accepting your uniqueness, healing sibling relationships and what true love means. Anna, princess of Arendelle (Kristen Bell) and sets out to help her older sister Elsa, Queen of Arendell (Idina Menzel) who flees the palace after exposing her magic powers for creating ice and snow. It’s best you know little about this film when you see it except that it is highly entertaining, filled with fun, heartfelt characters, wonderful songs, fantastic animation and important life lessons for every age. See: movie trailer

Frozen is already one of my favourite movies and has so many layers of value that I’ll definitely be writing more about it in future blog posts. As a teaser, I believe Frozen is actually an X-Men superhero movie disguised as an animated musical with self-help empowerment tips embedded into the song lyrics!

Frozen won Best Animated Feature Film and for Best Original Song “Let It Go” at the Oscars. The other big winner is Ellen DeGeneres for bringing so much fun and entertainment to the Oscars show. Sometimes you just need to have fun and feel good! So thank you Ellen and any film that entertains your spirit!

What did you think of these memorable moments on the 86th Academy Awards?

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Candice Frederick said...

you know, i wasn't as much of a Frozen fan but I do like it.

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