Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tip#705: Feel a Sense of Community, Part 2 - The Shop Around the Corner

A sense of community with any group can sometimes feel like family. I recently gave a motivational workshop at Woodgreen Community Services and there was such a warmth within the group of professionals that it felt like I made instant friends during the hour. I, along with three other presenters, shared our stories of passion and perseverance that inspired the multicultural attendees.

I find that people love to hear stories of struggle and of overcoming change and crisis especially if it is a career or life transition. These stories helped members of the audience open up about their own dreams and goals. And when they shared what they were truly passionate about (like food!) their eyes light up and their positive energy became contagious in the room! That sense of community and synergy was so beautiful to witness and I believe this can also permeate any workplace.

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

The romantic comedy, The Shop Around the Corner, is also a Christmas classic about two employees at a gift shop with clashing attitudes without realizing they are already pen pals falling in love with each other. Alfred (James Stewart) and Klara (Margaret Sullavan) play the couple and also demonstrate some funny moments as well as great salesmanship! 

Another inspiring aspect is the sense of community amongst all the co-workers and boss of the gift shop. There is a wonderful sense of family in the group and of helping each other with personal issues. Even when one employee is unexpectedly let go there is much heartfelt support from each of the co-workers.

Isn’t that the kind of workplace you’d like to work in?
See this uplifting movie clip of how the boss treats a new employee: Click here

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