Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tip#704: See Life As An Adventure, Part 4 - The Book Thief

I recently gave a motivational talk to the Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe where I met many warm-hearted professionals from around the world like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan. Despite the diversity of global origins most of the audience resonated with the universal language of films and how the movie hero triumphs over struggles.

That same day as my motivational talk was when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines leaving a disastrous trail of devastation and death. Thankfully family I have there were safe. This news would remind me that some of the people I meet at my talks are newcomers to Canada and had faced their own disasters back home. And it reminded me of movie heroes I’ve seen who had chosen to see life as an adventure no matter what intense challenges they faced.

The Book Thief (2013)

The drama film, The Book Thief, is based on a novel about young Liesel Meminger (Sophie NĂ©lisse) and her life in Nazi Germany with foster parents Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and Rosa (Emily Watson). Through Liesel’s eyes and her friend Rudy (Nico Liersch) you see how they view life as an adventure despite the horrors of living through World War II. All of these performers were amazing, especially the kids, and all were very heartfelt and emotional. See: movie trailer

Motivational Themes:
• Passion/Energy (Love of family, music & words)
• Perseverance
• Supportive relationships
• Indestructible optimism
• Uplifting power of storytelling

I had actually received two sneak preview tickets for this film and both times I was moved and inspired by this story of passion, perseverance and people who loved and helped one another. I highly recommend The Book Thief to help inspire you to see your own life challenges as an adventure filled with hope and possibilities.

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