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Tip#633: What Does Successful Mean to You? - Prometheus

“I want to do projects that last longer than an opening weekend… I want to make things that people remember.” George Clooney 

It is interesting to see that the business side of Hollywood judges the success of a film based on opening weekend sales. It makes sense that a movie made for millions of dollars are expected to make its money back and more but I personally see films as successful if they can be entertaining AND inspiring over years of repeat viewings.

One of the highest grossing films of 2012 was The Avengers bringing in $1.2 billion worldwide and yet was not nominated for Best Picture at the 85th Academy Awards. Then there are lower grossing films predicted to win Best Picture such as Lincoln ($235 million) and Argo ($204 million). So in the end what is the definition of a successful movie to you?

Here’s one example of a film I’ve enjoyed many times despite problems I had with the script, certain characters and an unsatisfying ending…

Prometheus (2012)

The science fiction film Prometheus is director Ridley Scott’s prequel to the events that occurred in his highly successful 1979 film Alien. The story is set in the late 21st Century where the crew of the spaceship Prometheus travels to a distant planet to discover the originals of humanity. Once there they encounter deadly aliens that first infiltrate a human host and gestate within.

Why do I classify this film as successful if I had problems with the script, characters and an unsatisfying ending? It is simply because I loved the visual texture of the film and the stunning scenes filled with cool technologies and spaceships. It stimulates my imagination every time I see this movie. It may not have come close to being nominated for Best Picture but in my mind it is a winner for the entertainment value.

In 2012 there were several box-office bombs that I thoroughly enjoyed and have already seen many times such as Big Miracle, John Carter, Cloud Atlas and Rise of the Guardians. And despite it’s classification as failures and the overwhelming negative reviews I still define these films as a success because they are entertaining AND helped motivate me to make my life better in some way.

It comes down to personal taste and an emotional connection that can define the success of a film. Let your own heart and mind decide what success is for you whether it be a film or something in your life and career. Feel what success means to you and celebrate that feeling today!

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Dan O. said...

The promotion for this film made it look freakin’ awesome but also, a lot like Alien and I think that’s the big problem with the film. It’s pretty much the same formula used over again and even though Scott tries his hardest to get our heads past that, it’s too obvious, too quick. Good review Emmanuel.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Dan! Yes the promos for Prometheus really built up the hype to be a bigger connection to Alien which was part of the let down.