Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tip#631: The Uplifting Power of Nostalgia, Part 1 - Paul Williams Still Alive

Nostalgia: A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

I always receive great comfort from listening to my favourite music from the 70’s like the Electric Light Orchestra. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of simpler times in my childhood and is also my “sonic tonic” for making me feel good when I need it. Listening to music we grew up with can activate nostalgic feelings and lift us up.

There is a movie that has finally been released that I originally saw two years ago at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival that demonstrates the power of nostalgia. I wanted to write about this amazing documentary back then but readers would not have been able to see. Now you can!

Paul Williams Still Alive (2011)

The documentary Paul Williams Still Alive is about legendary songwriter and 70’s icon Paul Williams as well as the nostalgia of the 70’s. Writer and director Stephen Kessler actually becomes part of this story after he discovers Williams is still alive and still performing his popular songs like “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie and Oscar winning “Evergreen” from A Star is Born. And there were other songs made famous by Helen Reddy, David Bowie and The Carpenters. See: movie trailer

I felt a surge of nostalgia fill my spirit as I watched this documentary overflowing with images and songs I remembered watching on TV as a child. Williams was also an actor and frequent guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and many other talks shows and game shows. I wasn’t a fan of Williams back then and yet I’ve now discovered him as the creator of such great and lasting music. The documentary also inspires because Williams showed resilience and perseverance during difficult times.

If you have a favourite song list full of music from times you grew up with then see it as your personal re-energizing resource. See it as a sonic tonic that will activate nostalgic feelings and will lift your spirits when you need it. And celebrate the people responsible for creating music that is meaningful to you today! They have actually contributed to your well-being time and time again!

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