Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tip#604: Recognize Great Leaders - Lincoln

Do you realize how lucky and blessed we are living in a time where a black man can be President of the United States? As of this writing President Barack Obama has historically won a second term as the 44th President. While back in 1864 Abraham Lincoln was fighting to put through the 13th Amendment to free black people of slavery.

Lincoln (2012)

The biographical war drama, Lincoln is directed by Steven Spielberg and is about America's 16th president determined to emancipate black slaves while ending the Civil War. Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) had a vision to free the slaves and faced great resistance on multiple fronts. All the performances in the film were powerful in depicting the emotions and opinions of 1864 while the settings were so rich with authentic detail that I felt transported back into history. See: movie trailer

Lincoln showed great perseverance and a strategic mind during his struggles. He also demonstrated a calming energy through his many engaging stories he’d tell. And because the film is based on true events, it also inspires by showing how positive change takes time, pain and, unfortunately, death for those fighting for it. So seeing this story now over 100 years later made me feel emotionally grateful for Lincoln’s conviction to follow his vision of freedom in our world.

Take time today to feel grateful for the multitude of leaders in history that helped make this a better world. Feel inspired by their strength and conviction. And if you feel compelled to make a positive change in society know that there are great people that have paved the way for you. The spirit of these great leaders will be cheering you on to persevere!

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