Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tip#605: We Are All On Different Paths – Knocked Up

My younger brother just got married and it was a beautiful ceremony. I saw friends from as far back as high school and met their children. Amazingly, I didn't look at my own life and question what I had and didn't have like I've done in the past. I felt no regrets and just knew that I am EXACTLY where I am suppose to be. We are all on different paths and I believe no matter what happens we must learn to adapt, stay positive and enjoy the journey.

Having said that, I am also very open to transforming parts of myself holding me back from my dreams and desires. That's where the magic of movie heroes can reflect ideas and thoughts for personal growth. Even from a raunchy comedy!

Knocked Up: Extended and Unrated (2007)

The romantic comedy Knocked Up is about Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) who has a one-night stand with Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) and gets pregnant. This is a shock to both of their lives and careers and yet it becomes a hilarious and touching journey as they learn to adapt to change.

Ben eventually finds the courage to transform his slacker lifestyle in order to prepare for being a responsible father and husband to Alison. And though this was a rude and crude comedy you get to witness Ben's personal growth and confidence as he takes on his new role in life. Seeing this movie inspired me to look at my own life and be open to any radical lifestyle AND mindset changes necessary to move forward with my dreams.

We are all on different paths in our lives and it is so important to honour and embrace what we have chosen. It is equally important to be open to unexpected life changes that take us onto new paths. Just remember to stay positive and enjoy the journey!

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