Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tip#514: Let Go of What You THINK You Know, Part 4 – The Artist

When you've gone through as many unexpected life changes as I have (see tip#400) you eventually learn to surrender to the flow of a river you've just been dropped into. I've learned to be open to whatever direction life has in store for me. I've learned to have faith.

Of course, sometimes I can still feel resistance in the silliest ways. For example the movie The Artist had a positive buzz about it even before it hit theatres. And even though it won a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Motion Picture I still couldn't see how good a silent movie could be in this day and age!

And so after it got nominated for 10 Academy Awards I kept an open mind and pushed myself to see The Artist. My faith was rewarded with a magical, cinematic journey that, in the end, lifted my spirits sky high!

The Artist 2011

The comedy-drama The Artist is about a late 1920's silent film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) who's popularity and livelihood is challenged by the invention of talking films. Valentin refuses to adapt to the change and begins a slow descent into depression. It is only through a young actress named Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo) that he is able to keep moving forward in life.

What I just wrote was much more than I knew before seeing this movie. It has to be seen to experience the magic that unfolds. I am just grateful that, just like in the film, I learned to stop resisting my preconceptions of this black and white silent movie and just see it.

Unexpected change in life and work can sometimes feel uncomfortable and even painful. Sometimes the best way to face these situations is to surrender to the path you feel forced upon. Your resistance may be out of fear and yet may also be what prevents you from experiencing a bigger and brighter future.

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Tip#514: Let Go of What You THINK You Know, Part 4 – The Artist 

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Dan O. said...

This was a very well-made film and had its moments where it captures the whole spirit and essence of the silent film era but it’s not that life-changing experience that everybody says it is. Still, a good flick though and I do think it does still deserve the Best Picture Oscar just because I don’t think The Descendants would be a very good winner that will last for the ages. Good review.

Candice Frederick said...

what a good write-up. i too had preconceived notions about this movie, but was so seduced by it once i saw it.

Walang said...

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Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Dan O. - The Artist is a great choice for best pic at Oscars though I still have to see Descendants.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Candice! You said it about The Artist! It's like I was seduced by it!