Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tip#334: Power of Persistence – Billy Elliot

Persistence: To hold firmly and steadfastly to a purpose in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics has had many powerful and inspiring stories about persistence. One standout is that of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette whose mother suddenly passed away just as she arrived in Vancouver to watch her daughter perform. Despite the pain and heartbreak Joanne persevered and won a bronze medal.

And then there's Petra Majdic, a Solvenian cross country skier who tumbled down a 3 metre gully during a warm-up. She broke 4 ribs and punctured a lung and yet persisted beyond her pain and won a bronze medal. Petra said, "This is like a gold medal, with little diamonds in it."

Billy Elliot 2000

The movie Billy Elliot represents the power of persistence in an 11 year old boy named Billy (Jamie Bell). He discovers a passion for ballet dancing which shocks his coal miner father and brother living in a northern England mining town.

Billy strives to overcome his inner conflict as well as his family's set ways forbidding him to pursue his passion. With the help of an encouraging class mate and a ballet teacher Billy persists and, in a pivotal scene, defiantly demonstrates his skills in front of his father.

It is this one display of pure passion and his gifted skills that transforms his father and brother's attitude as well as the entire town. It is Billy's persistence that helps him attain his dream and desire to be the person he was born to be.

So if you are experiencing adversities and challenges on your road towards your goals be inspired by movie heroes and real-life athletes who have traveled similar paths. Be encouraged to push forward despite overwhelming pain or lack of support you encounter. Keep believing in yourself and you'll magnetize others to believe in you too.

Your success starts with your ability to maintain your faith, passion and persistence. Enrich your mindset with the KNOWING you are doing what you were born to do!


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Head Health Nut said...

Great post, Emmanuel, and just what I need these days. (I'll have to see this movie!)

You mentioned that Billy had some internal conflicts as he pursued ballet, probably because of the disapproval of his father and brother.

Then, you write of the scene where Billy displays, "pure passion and his gifted skills that transforms his father and brother's attitude as well as the entire town."

Do you feel that it's here, too, where he transforms his doubt into "knowing" that ballet is right for him? That THIS is what he's meant to do to express himself in the world?

Steph @ Live

Anonymous said...

Yes - I remember how powerful the message was in that film. I feel you've found your calling as a motivator