Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tip#296: If You Build It They Will Come - Field of Dreams

I am going through one of the biggest career challenges since starting this blog almost 3 years ago. This is my "Field of Dreams" moment and my situation has been mirroring this powerful movie.

My story started about 8 weeks ago in the midst of my current financial challenges when someone recommended I arrange a workshop to generate immediate cash flow. An inner voice told me that this was the answer I was looking for and began creating this event. I would offer my popular workshop to professionals called How To Press Play When You’re Stuck On Pause.

I was resistant but my gut was saying I needed to give this workshop within 10 days. Amazingly I found an ideal space in the heart of downtown Toronto within 8 hours. And I started promoting the workshop as best as I could. I discovered that friends and colleagues around me were quick to help in any way they could.

Just 2 days before the event I had only 2 people signed up but wasn't worried. At first I needed this event to generate immediate income and instead I focused on how I could help others even if, in the end, there were only 2 people.

Field of Dreams

The movie Field of Dreams was my inspiration to keep me moving forward. I watched it a week before my event because I was feeling stressed about having started this initiative. I felt so much like the movie hero Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) who had followed his own mysterious voice that told him to build a baseball field in the middle of his farm.

Ray persevered with this crazy idea even at the expense of what others thought and the money he and his family were losing. Even on the eve of foreclosure he refused to sell the farm simply because his daughter and a supporter reminded Ray that "people will come".

The magic of the movie is that people did indeed come and, in my case, a total of 8 attendees paid for my workshop. And like Ray's magic baseball field, my workshop helped empower and uplift the people drawn to what I had to offer. And news of the positive difference I made for these 8 professionals has already started to spread out into the world.

People Will Come

So if you hear an inner voice guiding you to create, build or do something special and yet frightened by the idea remember my story and the movie Field of Dreams. The universe has a way of prodding you in a direction for you to discover inner strengths you thought you never had.

You will also learn how to become more resourceful than ever and magnetize the people who will help make your dreams and goals come true. It all begins with trusting your inner voice and then believing with all your heart and soul you are on the right path!

During October I will be blogging only on Sundays in order to focus on new, exciting Motivatorman services!

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
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Candice Frederick said...

oooh this is a great choice to review! Thos movie was so inspiring and moving at the same time.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks for the enthusiastic comment Candice! I could feel your positive energy about Field of Dreams just reading your message!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and thank you for being you, positive and making a difference to the world. I sure have benefited from your motivation talks through out 2008 and 2009. Your messages have inspired me to reach for higher ground and inner happiness.


Anonymous said...

Hey motivational man.

I attend your workshop with my friend beause i felt compelled to hear what you had to say since i felt i was stuck on pause. Its true it was an eyeopener and now I look forward to your literature .

keep up the great work.

Aklima H.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you are doing. You are very inspirational. I recommended the Blue Butterfly to a girl friend of mine and it really impacted her moving her to tears. I would never have known about that movie if it hadn't been for you.


Head Health Nutter said...

Loved this movie as much as I did your workshop, Emmanuel!

You really have something special to share with others and I trust that you'll always keep that in mind during the challenges.

Keep building your field of dreams - I believe in you!